Stunning Maternity Photoshoot Poses In Saree

10 Stunning Maternity Photoshoot Poses In Saree

You’ve just found out you’re expecting and you want to capture the beauty of this special time with a maternity photoshoot. Saree is a timeless and elegant option for your shoot, and you’re wondering what poses would best showcase your growing bump.

From the feeling of being free outdoors to the comfort of being in front of a temple, we’ll show you some stunning maternity poses in saree.

Standing Pose With Saree Draped Around Body

You’ll look stunning standing with your saree draped around your body. Showcase the beauty of your baby bump in a pregnancy photoshoot in saree. Get creative with the draping and let it flow with the wind.

Capture stunning maternity photos in saree for a beautiful memory of this special moment in your life. A baby bump photoshoot in saree exudes beauty and is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy.

Let your saree photoshoot show off your mom-to-be glow.

Standing Pose With Saree Draped Around Body

Lying Pose With Hands On Belly

Lying on your back with your hands on your belly is a beautiful pose for your special maternity shoot in saree. Let the saree drape gracefully over your body and the curves of your belly to capture the beauty of this moment.

Use the contrast of the saree against your skin to create a stunning Indian maternity photoshoot in saree.

Allow yourself to relax and be pampered so you can enjoy a perfect pregnancy photoshoot in saree.

Have fun with the saree photography ideas to create the perfect photo shoot pose in saree.

Lying Pose With Hands On Belly

Candid Pose With Your Partner

Capturing the love between you and your partner with a candid pose in saree for your special maternity shoot will create a beautiful memory. Get creative with your saree wearing photoshoot and let your love and pregnancy shine through.

Show off your bump and the special bond you share with your partner. Incorporate props and poses that are unique to you both for that extra special touch.

Embrace your pregnancy journey with a maternity photoshoot in saree for a timeless and meaningful memory.

Candid Pose With Your Partner

Sitting On Stair Case

Take a seat on the staircase for a beautiful candid moment with your partner during your special maternity shoot.

Capture your pregnancy in an Indian-style photoshoot with saree poses indoors.

Enhance the embrace with an enhanced look.

Allow your beauty to shine through with creative maternity photoshoot ideas like a warm embrace or a romantic glance.

Showcase your pregnancy glow with these saree photoshoot ideas without a model and create timeless memories.

Sitting On Stair Case

Outdoor Solo

Experience the beauty of your pregnancy outdoors in a solo shoot that will capture your unique glow. Showcase the traditional saree and your growing bump in a photoshoot, whether you opt for a long saree or a short one.

Get creative with poses that are unique to your pregnancy and cultural identity, like a traditional Indian pregnancy photo shoot pose with a saree.

Create a meaningful photoshoot with ideas that honor your culture and the beauty of your pregnancy.

Outdoor Solo

In Front Of Temple

You can create beautiful, timeless photos of your maternity photoshoot in saree in front of a temple.

Best saree poses for photoshoot include leaning against the temple wall, holding a pose in the temple entrance, or sitting in the courtyard.

Capture the spirit of your pregnancy photoshoot ideas using the right angles, saree drapes and the temple’s architecture.

Get creative with your maternity photoshoot indian style by exploring different saree photo shoot poses in front of the temple.

You won’t regret it!

In Front Of Temple

The Feeling Of Being Free

Feeling free and joyous during your maternity photoshoot is a feeling like no other. Capture this uniquely beautiful moment with a saree that reflects your true spirit.

Whether you’re looking for Indian maternity photoshoot ideas, simple maternity photoshoot, or baby shower saree ideas, your pregnancy photoshoot will be a memory to cherish forever.

Enjoy the feeling of being free and let your saree be a part of your journey.

The Feeling Of Being Free

In The Jungle

Take your maternity photoshoot to the next level with a jungle-inspired saree!
Feel liberated while posing in the lush greenery of your favorite outdoor spot.
Capture the moment with photoshoot ideas in saree that are perfect for a beautiful Indian maternity photo shoot.
Embrace the feeling of freedom and create a timeless moment to remember!

In The Jungle

Tips For Maternity Photoshoot Poses In Saree

When planning a maternity photoshoot in saree, it’s important to consider the right saree. This includes choosing a saree that complements your body shape and size, as well as one that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Another important aspect to consider is the location of the photoshoot. You may opt for a natural outdoor setting, such as a garden or park, to create a serene and ethereal atmosphere. Alternatively, you could choose an indoor location with a beautiful backdrop or unique architectural elements.

The time of day is also crucial in determining the overall mood and lighting of the photoshoot. Many photographers prefer to shoot during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise or before sunset when the lighting is soft and warm. However, you can also experiment with different times of the day to achieve the desired effect.

Lastly, it’s essential to prioritize your comfort during the photoshoot. Being pregnant can make certain poses and movements challenging, so it’s crucial to choose a saree that allows for ease of movement and ensures your comfort throughout the session. Taking breaks and staying hydrated are also important factors to consider.

Having these factors in mind will help ensure a successful photoshoot. By carefully selecting the right saree, choosing an appropriate location and time of day, and prioritizing your comfort, you can create beautiful and memorable maternity photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Choose the right saree

Choosing the right saree for your maternity photoshoot is key to achieving beautiful photos. Comfort and flattery should be top priority when selecting the fabric for your photoshoot. Opt for fabric that will flow gracefully, allowing for movement without compromising the look in the photos.

Feel beautiful and liberated wearing a saree that complements your body and accentuates your maternity glow.

Consider the location

When selecting your maternity photoshoot location, consider the poses that your saree will allow. Outdoor shots may require standing or walking poses, while indoor shots can allow for more relaxed poses, such as sitting or kneeling on the ground.

No matter where you choose to shoot, make sure the poses you choose are appropriate for the location and your saree.

Consider the time of day

Consider the time of day when taking your maternity photos for the best lighting and atmosphere.

Natural light looks great during the day, or you can create drama by shooting at sunrise or sunset.

Time of day can be the difference between a beautiful shot or an average one.

Shoot at the right time to make your maternity photos truly special.

Be comfortable

Feel confident and beautiful when taking your photos. Maternity photoshoot poses in saree should be chosen with comfort in mind. Take your time to find poses that are comfortable and make you feel beautiful.

Don’t strain yourself or put your body in positions that will cause discomfort during the photoshoot. Allow yourself to be free and liberated in the poses you choose, and your photos will reflect that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Saree Should I Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot?

For your maternity photoshoot, you should wear a saree that makes you feel beautiful and empowered. With its flowing fabric and vibrant colors, it’s a great way to capture the joy of your journey. Let its flow and grace shine through, and enjoy the moment.

What Should Be the Ideal Time to Schedule a Maternity Photoshoot?

The ideal time to schedule a maternity photoshoot is near the end of your pregnancy when you feel most comfortable and confident. Capture the joy of motherhood in the glow of your beauty. Celebrate your journey with a meaningful and empowering photoshoot.

Is It Necessary to Have a Professional Photographer for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Having a professional photographer for your maternity photoshoot is not a necessity; however, it can help capture moments that you’ll cherish forever. With a pro, you’ll get quality photos that truly capture your joy and beauty. So, why not treat yourself?

How Can I Ensure That the Pictures Come Out Great?

Make sure you communicate your vision and trust your photographer to capture it. Embrace the beauty of your journey and honor your body. Let your soul shine through your photos and let your story be told. You’ll get beautiful results.

What Should I Keep in Mind While Posing for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Stay relaxed and comfortable. Angle your body away from the camera and keep your posture natural. Feel empowered, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different poses and facial expressions. Honor the beauty of the moment.


Maternity photoshoots in saree can be a beautiful way to capture your pregnancy journey. From standing poses with a saree draped around your body to outdoor solo shots and in front of a temple, there are so many creative ways to take maternity photos.

One interesting statistic is that almost 70% of pregnant women prefer to take their maternity photos in saree! Whether you choose to have a professional photoshoot or take your own photos, capturing your pregnancy journey in a saree can be a beautiful and meaningful experience.

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