Free Calculator For International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Free Calculator For International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Have you ever fallen in love with the perfect pair of shoes online, only to discover they’re in a size you don’t understand? Or maybe you’re planning a trip abroad and want to shop for unique footwear without the size conversion confusion? Fear not, fellow shoe enthusiasts! This blog is your one-stop guide to navigating the international shoe size chart maze, for both women and men.

Now, forget the manual calculation. Take a sneak peek from our Free Calculator For International Shoe Size Conversion Chart.

Free Calculator For International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Free Shoe Size Converter Calculator

Shoe Size Converter

Understanding Shoe Size Conversion

What Creates the Confusion?

Different countries use different sizing systems for shoes. The US, UK, India & Europe all have their own scales, leaving us scratching our heads when trying to convert between them.

But don’t worry, let’s know the codes isn’t as scary as it seems. Here’s your crash course:

The Major Players:

  • US: The familiar friend, used in Canada and Mexico too.
  • UK/India: Similar to US, but with a slight shift.
  • EU: Based on centimeters and widely used in Europe.
  • CM: The universal language of foot length, measured in centimeters.

Cheat Sheet to Understand Shoe Size Conversion

CountryMen’s USWomen’s USMen’s UKWomen’s UKEurope

Tips to Find the Right Shoe Size

  • Measure your feet regularly: Foot size can change over time, so ensure you have the latest measurements everytime. Take 0.5 cms extra for toe clearance.
  • Consider width: Not all size charts account for width. If you have wider feet, factor that in when choosing your size.
  • Try before you buy: If possible, try the shoes on before purchasing, especially when buying from international retailers as some brands run larger or smaller than standard sizes.


The free tool for International Shoe Size Conversion Chart simplifies the process of shopping for shoes online or while traveling internationally, making it easier for individuals to find the right size regardless of where they are located.

Overall, the International Shoe Size Conversion Chart is an essential resource for our readers seeking to navigate the complexities of shoe sizing across borders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my shoe size from US to UK sizing?

To convert your shoe size from US to UK sizing for women’s shoes, simply add 2 to your US size. For men’s shoes, add 1 to your US size to find the equivalent UK size.

Is there a difference between European shoe sizes for women and men?

Yes, there is a difference. European shoe sizes for women are typically smaller than men’s sizes. Make sure to refer to the specific conversion chart to find the correct size for your gender.

How do I know my shoe size in Japanese sizing for women and men?

 To find your Japanese shoe size, subtract 21 from your US women’s shoe size. For men’s sizes, subtract 23 from your US shoe size to get the equivalent Japanese size.

Can I use the same size chart for both women’s and men’s shoes?

No, it’s important to use separate shoe size conversion charts for women and men as their sizing standards differ. Using the correct chart will help you find the most accurate fit.

Are there any differences in shoe sizing between different countries for women and men?

Yes, there can be variations in shoe sizing between different countries. It’s recommended to refer to an international shoe size conversion chart to ensure you find the right size for your gender and country.

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