23 Best South Indian Actor Name With Photo & Journey

23 Best South Indian Actor Name With Photo & Journey

Did you know the South Indian film industry releases more than 250 films a year? That’s a testament to its vibrancy and the talent pool it harbors.

As you’re about to explore a curated list of 23 South Indian actors with photo, imagine the diversity and depth of performances these stars bring to the screen.

From the iconic Rajinikanth to the versatile Joseph Vijay and the charismatic Prabhas, each actor’s photo is not just a portrayal but a gateway into their cinematic world.

South Indian film industries are among the top film industries in India. They are divided into 4 major film industries:

  • Tamil Nadu’s film industry is called “Kollywood” and is known for Tamil language movies.
  • Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have “Tollywood” for Telugu language films.
  • Kerala has “Mollywood” for Malayalam language films.
  • And Karnataka has “Sandalwood” for Kannada language films.

23 South Actor Name List with Photo & Career Path

Vikram (South Indian Actor)

साउथ हीरो फोटो_vikram

Age: 58 | Debut: “En Kadhal Kanmani” (1990)

Vikram, known for his captivating performances, has firmly established himself as one of the most celebrated actors in the South Indian film industry. As a famous South Indian actor, his contributions to Tamil cinema have made him a beloved south hero.

You’ll find Vikram photos that showcase his versatility and talent. From his debut in ‘En Kadhal Kanmani’ to blockbusters like ‘Anniyan’; Vikram continues to shine as a prominent Indian film actor in South India.


साउथ हीरो फोटो_Suriya

Age: 48 | Debut: “Nerrukku Ner” (1997)

After exploring the remarkable journey of Vikram, let’s turn our attention to another giant in the Tamil film industry, Suriya, whose rise to stardom is equally compelling.

Born Saravanan Sivakumar in Tamil Nadu, this legendary actor, and son of actor Sivakumar, made his mark in Tamil cinema with his debut in ‘Nerrukku Ner.’

One of the top South Indian actor, Suriya’s impact spans beyond Tamil Nadu, influencing & making among the top, both south and north Indian film audiences.

Joseph Vijay

tamil actor joseph vijay

Age: 50 | Debut: “Nalaiya Therapu” (1992)

Tamil South actors list has this renowned actor, known for his dynamic roles in Tamil cinema, Joseph Vijay has captivated audiences since his debut in 1992 with ‘Nalaiya Therapu’.

As a prominent top south Indian actor, Vijay has become a household name across the Indian film industry. His journey from a young talent to a popular south Indian actor and venerated Tamil film actor showcases his undeniable impact as a south hero name.

There are lots of others in South Indian male actors name list with photo. Keep on reading.

Allu Arjun

telugu film actor star

Age: 41 | Debut: “Gangotri” (2003)

Building on the legacy of Joseph Vijay’s dynamic roles, Allu Arjun also stands out as a multifaceted talent in the Telugu South Indian actors list.

Celebrated as the Stylish Star of Telugu cinema, he’s a veteran actor known for his impactful presence.

Beyond acting, Allu Arjun shines as a playback singer and dancer, enriching the Telugu film industry with his versatile performances.


top south indian actor prabhas

Age: 45 | Debut: “Ishwar” (2002)

Making waves in the Telugu South Indian actors film industry, Prabhas debuted with ‘Ishwar’ in 2002 and quickly became one of the most celebrated South young actors.

Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, this top south Indian actor, whose real name is Uppalapati Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju, chose Prabhas as his stage name.

As a famous actor, he’s revered for his dynamic roles in Indian films, solidifying his status as a south hero.

Vijay Sethupathi

tamil actor versatile performer_Vijay Sethupathi

Age: 46 | Debut: “Thenmerku Paruvakatru” (2010)

From humble beginnings, Vijay Sethupathi has risen to become a standout actor in the Tamil South Indian actor film industry, captivating audiences with his performances.

  1. Film Actor & Producer: Excelling beyond acting, he’s a respected producer.
  2. Debut: Made a striking entry with ‘Thenmerku Paruvakatru’ in 2010.
  3. Breakthrough: ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom’ changed his career trajectory.
  4. Notable Works: ‘Sethupathi’ and ‘Vikram Veda’ showcase his versatility.


star from the south: yash

Age: 38 | Debut: “Jambada Hudugi” (2007)

Yash, also known as Naveen Kumar Gowda, has emerged as a powerhouse in the Kannada film industry, capturing hearts globally with his role as Rocky Bhai in the blockbuster KGF series.

Starting his journey with ‘Jambada Hudugi’ in 2007, this Indian actor has become a symbol of excellence in Kannada films, proving his versatility and charm in every role he undertakes.

Mahesh Babu

indian actor and producer mahesh babu

Age: 49 | Debut: “Raja Kumarudu” (1999)

Renowned for his captivating performances, Mahesh Babu has become a prominent figure in Telugu cinema.

  1. South Indian Actor: Mahesh Babu shines as a leading Telugu Indian actor and producer.
  2. Philanthropist: Beyond the screen, he’s known for his charitable work.
  3. Highest-Paid Actors: He ranks among Indian film’s highest earners.
  4. Debut Film: Made his acting debut in the Telugu film ‘Raja Kumarudu’ in 1999.

Karthi Sivakumar

south actor photo: Karthi Sivakumar

Age: 47 | Debut: “Paruthiveeran” (2007)

Karthi Sivakumar, widely known as Karthi, has significantly impacted Tamil cinema with his debut in the blockbuster film ‘Paruthiveeran’ back in 2007. Born on May 25, 1977, in Chennai, this 42-year-old South Indian actor hasn’t only excelled in front of the camera but also ventured into production.

His journey from a promising debutant to a celebrated figure in Tamil films is nothing short of inspiring.


south actor photo: vishal

Age: 47 | Debut: “Chellamae” (2004)

Among the well-known top South Indian actors, Vishal, a notable figure in the Tamil film industry, made his acting debut with ‘Chellamae’ in 2004.

  1. South Indian Actor: Vishal Krishna is celebrated for his versatility and commitment.
  2. Tamil Actor: He primarily works in Tamil cinema, captivating audiences with his performances.
  3. Director/Producer: Beyond acting, Vishal contributes as a director and producer.
  4. Chennai Native: Born in Chennai, his journey from debut to stardom is inspiring.

Ram Charan

south actor photo: ram charan

Age: 39 | Debut: “Chirutha” (2007)

After exploring Vishal’s contributions to Tamil cinema, we now turn our focus to Ram Charan, a dynamic force in the Telugu film industry.

Born in Chennai, this south Indian actor and producer made a significant impact with his debut in ‘Chirutha’ at 37 years old. Ram Charan gained widespread recognition after starring in Rajamouli’s ‘Magadheera,’ solidifying his status as a prominent Telugu actor. He has been awarded with different Indian and international awards.

Ajith Kumar

south actor photo: Ajith Kumar

Age: 53 | Debut: “Prema Pusthakam” (1992)

Why should Ajith Kumar, a celebrated Tamil film actor, be on your radar? Here’s why:

  1. Prominent South Indian Actor: A significant South actor in Tamil cinema.
  2. Debuted in Tamil Films: First appeared in ‘En Veedu En Kanavar.’
  3. Romantic Hero: Became a sensation with ‘Kadhal Kottai.’
  4. Versatile Talent: Ajith’s range as an actor in India is well-regarded, making him a must-watch in Tamil films.

N.T. Rama Rao Jr.

south actor photo_N.T. Rama Rao Jr.

Age: 41 | Debut: “Student Number 1” (2001)

N.T. Rama Rao Jr., born on 20 May 1983, has become a significant figure in the Telugu film industry, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances since his debut. At 41 years old, this Indian film actor, who primarily works in Tamil films, made his mark with his debut in 2001.

He’s not just a one of the top South Indian actor but also a legendary Telugu actor and politician, following in the footsteps of his renowned ancestors.

Ravi Teja

south actor photo_ravi teja

Age: 56 | Debut: “Karthavyam” (1990)

Ravi Teja, born Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupathiraju, is a prominent figure in the Indian film industry, primarily known for his work in Telugu cinema.

  1. South Indian Actor: Ravi Teja shines as a versatile actor in South India.
  2. Telugu Film Actor: Achieved fame with significant roles.
  3. Tamil Films: Misstated involvement; primarily works in Telugu cinema.
  4. Film Debut: Began his journey in 1990 with ‘Abhimanyu’.


south actor photo_arya

Age: 42 | Debut: “Arinthum Ariyamalum” (2005)

After exploring Ravi Teja’s significant contributions to Telugu cinema, let’s shift our focus to Arya, a dynamic presence in Tamil films.

Arya, a celebrated south Indian actor, made his mark as both a film actor and producer. His debut film, ‘Arinthum Ariyamalum,’ paved the way for successful films like ‘Raja Rani’ and ‘Naan Kaduvul,’ showcasing his versatile acting skills in Tamil cinema.

Vijay Devarakonda

south actor photo_Vijay Devarakonda

Age: 35 | Debut: “Nuvvila” (2011)

Vijay Devarakonda, born on May 9, 1989, quickly emerged as a standout south actor in the Telugu film industry with his debut in the 2011 hit ‘Nuvvila’.

  1. Hails from Achampet, Telangana.
  2. Made film debut with ‘Nuvvila’ in 2011.
  3. Gained recognition in Telugu cinema with ‘Yevade Subramaniam’.
  4. Works as both an actor and producer in Telugu films.

Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda

south actor photo Vijay Devarakonda

Age: 31 | Debut: “Alludu Seenu” (2014)

Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda, an acclaimed south actor and model, primarily shines in the Telugu film industry. Born in Guntur and the son of Bellamkonda Suresh Babu, he made a striking debut with ‘Alludu Seenu’.

Sai Srinivas has contributed several successful films to Telugu cinema, cementing his status as a prominent south Indian actor. His journey from Guntur to the big screen is truly inspirational.

Pawan Kalyan

south actor photo: pawan kalyan

Age: 52 | Debut: “Akkada Ammai Ikkada Abbai” (1996)

Did you know that Pawan Kalyan, a multifaceted personality known for his work in Telugu cinema, isn’t just an actor but also a screenwriter, stunt coordinator, philanthropist, and politician?

  1. South Indian Actor: Renowned for his roles in Telugu films.
  2. Politician & Philanthropist: Balances his film career with political and philanthropic efforts.
  3. Screenwriter & Stunt Coordinator: Showcases his versatility in the industry.
  4. Notable Works: Attarintiki Daredi and Gabbar Singh are among his major hits.

Nagarjuna Akkineni

south actor photo_Nagarjuna Akkineni

Age: 64 | Debut: “Vikram” (1986)

Shifting our focus, let’s explore another luminary of the Telugu film industry, Nagarjuna Akkineni, whose multifaceted career spans acting, production, and business.

As a celebrated south Indian actor, he made his debut in the Telugu cinema with the hit film ‘Vikram’ in 1986. Since then, he’s delivered many successful films, solidifying his status as a prominent producer and businessman in the industry.


tamil actor and singer_Dhanush

Age: 40 | Debut: “Thulluvadho Ilamai” (2002)

Dhanush, born Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja, has emerged as a multifaceted talent in the Indian film industry, captivating audiences with his acting, directing, and musical abilities.

  1. Renowned South Indian actor and Tamil Nadu native.
  2. Acclaimed actor and producer with a dynamic presence.
  3. Shot to international fame with the ‘Kolaveri D’ song.
  4. Son of a Tamil film director, showcasing exceptional talent as a dancer and artist.

Nivin Pauly

south actor photo_Nivin Pauly

Age: 39 | Debut: “Malarvadi Arts Club” (2010)

Nivin Pauly, born on 11 October 1984 in Aluva, Kerala, quickly became a prominent figure in the Malayalam and Tamil film industries with his debut in ‘Malarvadi Arts Club’ in 2010.

As a South Indian actor, his Mollywood career flourished, starring in numerous Malayalam films and making strides in Tamil films.

Not just an South actor, Nivin also shines as a producer, continuing to captivate audiences with his versatile performances.

Puneeth Rajkumar

kannada film actor_puneeth rajkumar

Age: 48 (1975-2023) | Debut: “Appu” (2002)

While exploring the vibrant world of South Indian cinema, it’s impossible to overlook the contributions of Puneeth Rajkumar, a multifaceted talent in the Kannada film industry.

  1. Puneeth Rajkumar was a celebrated South Indian actor.
  2. He made his debut in Kannada films with ‘Appu’ in 2002.
  3. Beyond acting, he was a singer and philanthropist.
  4. Tragically, he died at age 46, leaving behind a legacy in Indian cinema.

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni

south actor photo_Naga Chaitanya Akkineni

Age: 37 | Debut: “Josh” (2009)

For fans of Telugu cinema, Naga Chaitanya’s extensive filmography makes him a standout name on any South Actor Name List With Photo. You have seen him in soap commericals, this south actor born in Hyderabad, Telangana, on 23 November 1986.

He’s not just another south actor in the industry; he is royalty, being the son of the legendary Telugu cinema actor Akkineni Nagarjuna. Making his debut in 2009 with the film ‘Josh,’ Naga Chaitanya quickly established himself as a versatile actor. He’s captivated audiences with his performances in hits like “Premam,” “Venky Mama,” “Shailja Reddy Alludu,” and “Ye Maya Chesave.” His ability to dive into diverse roles and bring characters to life has endeared him to fans and critics alike, ensuring his place as a beloved figure in the Telugu film industry.

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The South Indian film industry continues to thrive with these talented actors, each contributing uniquely to the rich tapestry of Indian cinema.

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