Whisper vs Stayfree: The Battle of Protection Between 2 Giants

Whisper vs Stayfree: The Battle of Protection

A woman only knows the trials and tribulations she goes through during menstruation.

In India, most women choose sanitary napkins while seeing overall feminine hygiene products. A period pad brand will let you be comfortable and allow you to run errands with ease.

Whisper vs Stayfree

Having the best sanitary napkin is essential for every woman because it is vital in returning women’s cycle to normalcy.

In 2020, there were over 15 million searches related to feminine hygiene products on Google in India alone (source: Google Trends). Presently there is a wide range of best pad brands available in India like Whisper, Stayfree, Kotex etc. But the two brands which are best pads for heavy periods are Whisper and Stayfree brands. These two sanitary napkin brands have built a strong relationship with women and their periods.

But there comes a question: which pad is best?

While opting for the best pad for heavy flow, keep reading the article to know the answers for the questions, you have always in your mind. 

Pros: Reasons to Whisper vs Stayfree Pads

  • Whisper and Stayfree brands have gained popularity for providing the best pads for women in India.
  • They offer different types of sanitary pads in India, according to sizes which offer good protection, be it normal flow or heavy flow.
  • They have excellent absorbency, thanks to soft pores.
  • It has wider backs for extra coverage to protect against leakage.
  • This period pad brand is suitable for both light and heavy flow. And they offer more stain prevention.
  • Both Whisper and Stayfree brands aim to provide support and comfort for women during their menstrual days.

Cons: Reasons to Whisper vs Stayfree Pads

  • Though both of these brands offer good protection. They contain scents and chemicals which might irritate the skin.
  • These pads are not environmentally friendly and dangerous to the environment.
  • Sometimes a pad doesn’t fit well, which may lead to an embarrassing leak.

About Whisper Sanitary Pad

Whisper Sanitary Pad
  • Whisper brand offers the best pad for heavy flow and has many different sanitary pads. This includes maxi pads, ultra-thin pads, panty liners, and XL pads, to name a few.
  • Each type of sanitary pad drives liquid to the core and locks it away for long-term protection. Moreover, each pad type has a soft top sheet and wings for additional leakage protection. Since these pads are irritation-free, you will not feel discomfort while performing your daily activities.
  • The best Whisper pads come with herbal oil, which offers 100% hygiene protection to your skin. It lasts 40% longer and has a DRI weave cover which absorbs the liquid in seconds. Whisper also manufactures long-lasting pads for the night.

About Stayfree Sanitary Pad

Stayfree Sanitary Pad
  • Stayfree is another popular sanitary pad brand that offers tough competition to Whisper. It provides ultra-thin protection throughout the night. Stayfree brands offer different varieties of sizes that incorporates wings as well as an extra-wide form in the back.
  • It is the longest sanitary pad in India which improves leakage prevention as well as a comfortable fit.
  • Stayfree offers exceptional quality pads in India, which keep you fresh and give long-lasting protection.
  • The sanitary napkin maker has developed an absorbent layer that has an odour control system feature with natural plant extract. Hence it reduces odour for a pleasant feeling.
  • The sanitary pads from Stayfree are soft and gentle on the skin especially sensitive skin with excellent absorbency. It keeps your skin dry and prevents irritation and rashes.

Though Whisper offers a good pad for the period, when it comes to pads for heavy flow, Stayfree has the best quality.

It also has additional features like a dry cover and foul odour control system to give you a comfy feel.

Furthermore, both of these brands offer dermatologist-tested products for women.

Overall it is one of the best brands which offer flexible, ultra-thin, extra-large pads for girls that fit & keep them comfortable and give protection from leakage.

Our Rating

If you are looking for a sanitary napkin brand that takes the lead, here is Whisper.

Whisper was the most popular brand of sanitary pad in India with a market share of more than 40%.

Whisper is good at absorbing, provides fresh feeling free and gives maximum comfort during periods. It has a super-soft cover that is 60% wider and longer. To keep you protected from leaks and offer a cuddle-soft sleep.

So based on Whisper brand products, we give its products a 4 rating. They offer softness, comfort and value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After how many hours can the pad be changed?

    A pad should be changed depending upon the flow of every woman. But it is advised to change your sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours.

  2. What ensures protection against leakage?

    The liquid-locking pores and extra wings feature in both Whisper and Stayfree brands ensure protection against leakage. It drives the liquid to the core and locks it away with its wider back design in a sanitary napkin.

  3. Is Whisper pad safe?

    Yes, the Whisper pad is safe and suitable for your health. But it’s always recommended to choose the best pads that are securely packaged, breathable, and made of high-quality materials.

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