Benefits of reetha

6 Amazing Benefits of Reetha for Longer & Stronger Hair

With hair being the most essential aspect of defining one’s overall personality, it is mandatory to take care of them.

In this regard, reetha, also known as soap nuts, is considered vital because of its medicinal and herbal properties. In fact, benefits of reetha for hair have been evident in India, China, and Japan since ancient times.

The reason has been a common belief that the reetha can treat medical problems due to its qualities. Of course, reetha for hair has tremendous benefits that can enhance the beauty of your hair which includes as being natural cleanser and having antibacterial properties. 

Hair care has become necessary with so many companies making hair oil and shampoos containing reetha.

Don’t know what is reetha?

Well, the reetha tree is a herbal tree with seeds either used in a powder form or as an ingredient in hair care products.

Nutritional Value of Reetha

Taking note of the nutritional value of reetha powder for hair, it is considered an excellent source of protein that lends an amazing texture to your hair and make hair healthy.

In fact, it contains, sugar, saponin, and mucilage, intended to give shiny-looking hair.

In addition, the balanced composition of amino acids and soapnuts for hair has been recognized by WHO (World Health Organization). Not just limited to the above-mentioned nutritional brilliance present in reetha, the presence of phytochemicals and fibers makes it worthy of usage. With all these nutritional benefits, reetha has been used for ages.

Benefits of Reetha for Hair Health

Considering the herbal value of reetha, it has been an integral part of making medicines and hair care products. Being connected to nature, it is safe to use products with reetha in them.

Of course, other associated ingredients matter too. Let us take a look at the hair health.

  • Controlling Dandruff
Dandruff check

Dandruff is identified by dry skin flakes on the scalp that can turn out to be itchy. These white-colored flakes spread all over your hair can make it look shabby.

This is where reetha-based shampoos and oils can come into the limelight. In fact, products made of reetha are highly beneficial in controlling dandruff and preventing it from recurring. Indeed, controlling dandruff is one of the prominent benefits of reetha.

  • Soothes Scalp Itching
Soothes Scalp Itching

Itching on the scalp can result from the formation of a cyst. Apart from this, itching may result from excessive sweating and the accumulation of sweat on the hair.

If you tend to scratch your scalp, chances are there that you may end up getting wounds specially when you have sensitive skin. To control all this, you need a shampoo or oil with reetha in it. It will prevent scalp itching and finally any scalp infection.

Additionally, it helps to hydrate scalp and nourish hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.

Another aspect of using reetha is that you may make a paste of the reetha powder by mixing it with water. This paste can be applied to the hair, left for a few minutes, and washed with normal or warm water.

  • Protecting from Head Lice
Protecting from Head Lice

Having head lice can be a serious problem for your hair. The lice infiltration can be troublesome as they reside on your hair and can result from sweat or dirt.

It leads to excessive itching leaving scars on your scalp. In this case, using reetha paste or shampoo with reetha can save you from lice infestation. Certainly, it will clean the sources such as sweaty and dirty hair that might not let the lice prevail anymore.

  • Cleaning Dirt

The best part of using reetha shampoo or oil is that it can clean off the dirt from your hair.

With the increasing amount of air pollution, the accumulation of dirt is becoming a problem. In fact, hair tends to catch dirt more often than before because of excessively polluted particles in the air.

So, using reetha powder or reetha-based shampoo can help you clean off the dirt in one go. Also, you will feel that the hair shiny and smooth with every wash.

  • Natural Cleanser

Basically, reetha is used in shampoos as a foaming agent to clean the oil secretions in the hair. Now that it forms a natural lather after massaging the hair, reetha is an effective hair cleanser.

You can apply the shampoo to your hair, massage it thoroughly to form a lather, leave it for a minute, and rinse it with water. Using reetha-based shampoo regularly, you tend to understand that benefits of reetha and why reetha is good for hair.

  • Controls Hair Fall
Combing hair

Another benefit of using reetha for hair care is that it has been considered effective in controlling hair fall. The reason for using reetha shampoos is that they can nourish the scalp and reduce hair fall.

In fact, such shampoos contain shikakai and other natural ingredients to make your hair stronger and eliminate premature greying. Of course, you must use reetha constantly and ensure you do not get bald patches.

How to Use Reetha for Hair Care?

When it comes to taking care of your hair, reetha is considered the ultimate solution. Being an age-old remedial measure to beautify your hair naturally, it can enhance the shine of your hair, make it appear soft, and clear your scalp from any itchiness.

Thinking as to how to use reetha for hair wash?

Indeed, everyone wants healthy hair, and reetha is the best source with all the natural ingredients.

The first usage of reetha can be seen as an ingredient in shampoos and oil. You can wash your hair with reetha shampoo twice a week for a smooth texture in your hair.

  • Take reetha powder, mix it with water to form a paste.
  • Apply it on the hair, rub it for a few minutes, and clean it with normal water.
  • It can be applied once or twice a week for effective results. Depending on the need, you can increase the usage of reetha paste in a week.

Another thing that can add lustrous appeal to your hair is the mix of reetha powder with water and lemon juice. In fact, it will keep dandruff away too.

Reetha can be used in various ways to give a lustrous appeal to your hair and make it clean enough to keep away. With beneficial aspects adding to the popularity of reetha, it has been transformed into shampoo without any chemical inclusions.

Potential Side Effects of Reetha on Hair

Though there are chances that consumption of reetha orally may lead to acidity, the reason is its hot intensity. On the other hand, side effects of amla, reetha, and shikakai do not affect humans or do not spoil the texture of your hair. Instead, it helps you shine your hair.

But, some people have experienced rough hair and slight hair falls on using reetha shampoos excessively.

So, it is recommended that such shampoos should be used as per your hair quality or texture. In this regard, taking suggestions from an experienced beautician can be extremely good.

The Bottom Line

Reetha is one of the oldest herbs, which has been used by the holy safe to take care of their skin and hair and treat other ailments.

Today, the benefits of reetha can be seen getting accommodated in shampoos, reetha oil for hair, and soaps manufactured for skin care. Indeed, reetha-based shampoos are becoming extensively popular because of their natural ingredients and beneficial effects on your hair. It is highly effective in soothing itchy scalp problems and controlling dandruff and hair fall. This is why reetha has been considered important in getting healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we use reetha daily for hair?

    Yes, you can use reetha daily on hair, either in the form of a shampoo having the ingredient for making a paste of reetha powder and water. Depending on the requirement, you can use reetha daily on your hair. In fact, the purpose of using reetha is to accentuate its growth, lend a shiny appeal, and boost the overall health of your hair.

  2. Does reetha make hair thicker?

    Yes, the sappions in reetha are meant to thicken your hair and channel its effective growth. It is essential that reetha has been a part of Indian, Japanese, and Chinese culture. In fact, it has been used by people to fight away various problems. You can get shiny-looking hair by using reetha for your hair in either shampoo or paste. Of course, everyone wants to have beautiful hair.

  3. Does reetha make the hair white?

    No, the usage of reetha does not make your hair white. In fact, it is used for controlling the greying of hair and stimulating better hair growth. All you have to do is use it as per the recommended way mentioned on the shampoo bottle or the reetha powder bottle. It has been considered excellent in controlling grey hairs and gives a great texture to your hair.

  4. Which is the best reetha shampoo?

    With so many brands manufacturing shampoos with reetha as an important ingredient, Pantanjali, Khadi Natural, and Ayur Herbal are some of the best reetha-based shampoos available in the market. These shampoos are accessible at different rates. So, you can buy them as per your budget.

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