Best Soaps for Pimples

5 Best Soaps for Pimples That Actually Work

Nobody likes Pimples, as it takes extra steps to keep them at bay. Because it’s just not about washing your face. But treating the pimples with utmost care tests your patience. According to a survey by Statista, over 85% of people reported experiencing acne at some point in their lives.

People have different skin types, such as oily skin, acne-prone skin, dull skin, etc. But finding the best soap for pimples is what people with acne or pimples look for. Nowadays, acne soaps for the face are gaining popularity as they vary from regular soap. Given the fact that according to a report by Market Research Future (MRFR), the global market for acne treatments is expected to reach $13.2 billion by 2030.

Acne soap is all you need to uplift your shower experience and offer clear radiance. This anti-acne soap cleanses and removes dirt cells from the skin. To heal with its natural ingredients present in it. Pimple soap is the best soap for acne, which is specially formulated with organic ingredients to remove oils and prevent acne breakouts.

So in this article, we have curated a list of the best soaps for pimples and dark spots. It contains glycerin and acne-fighting ingredients known to be good for the skin. So read on to know more about how you can choose the best soap for Pimples and dark spots that suits your skin type.

How We Choose the Best Soap for Pimples?

Before buying the best soap for Pimples and dark spots in India, here are some things to consider. So choose the one which suits your skin type because choosing the wrong one can cause more harmful effects to your skin than good. More companies in the market cater to a wide selection of the best soap for pimples in India according to budget and skin type.

  • Key Ingredients

While looking for soaps for pimples and oily skin, you need to look at its key ingredients. Because it plays an essential role in cleansing your face. So choose a pimple soap free from paraben, toxic chemicals, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Likewise, Tea tree oil is known as one of the best key ingredients with anti-bacterial properties.

Look for natural ingredients which balance your skin. Make sure it has ingredients like salicylic acid, retinoids, and benzoyl peroxide which is suitable for acne-prone skin. Sometimes it can cause allergies to sensitive skin, so you need to check the product’s label for it.

If you want mild soap for pimples, consider using a few cleansers without active ingredients.

  • Brand

Look for the standard best soap for pimples and oily skin brands approved and tested clinically by dermatologists. Because the best soap for pimples has effective and high-quality ingredients priced at an expensive rate.

But some reputed brands offer acne antibacterial soap at affordable prices as well.

  • Safety

Choose an acne care soap that contains ingredients safe for topical use, has efficacy standards, and adheres to the industry’s best value.

Comparison of Best Soap for Pimples and Dark Spots

NameSkin TypeSummary
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial WashOily skinIt deeply cleanses blemished skin and reduces acne.
Face Wash by CetaphilSensitive, dry and normal skinIt protects against dryness, irritation, tightness, and weakened skin barrier.
Richfeel Calendula Anti Acne SoapAll types of skinIt keeps your skin fresh and enriched with Calendula extracts for treating acne.
AcneStar SoapDry skinIt soothes skin burns and irritation.
HNP Dermadew SoapAcne-prone and oily skinIt cleanses away dirt and oil. It helps to prevent pimples

#1 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash is one of the best soaps for pimples in India. That is often used to treat pimples and blemished skin types. It is a gluten-rich fragrance with cooling lather properties which prevents acne.

This pimple acne soap has an effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on bacterial and inflamed acne. This natural soap for acne pimples allows you to control oiliness and tackle blemishes by keeping your skin looking clear.


  • It is 100% vegetarian soap for pimples on the face.
  • It has a cool and refreshing effect on the skin.
  • With its purifying tea tree oil, it removes impurities from the skin.
  • It is well suited for delicate skin.


  • Not found any on this product.

We are completely satisfied with this product for oily skin. We give a 4.5 rating for its soothing properties on the skin.

#2 Face Wash By Cetaphil

This mild soap for pimples from the Cetaphil brand is formulated to cleanse your face and give you even-looking skin. It is recommended by dermatologists for people with normal, oily skin to combination skin.

It is one of the best soaps for face pimples and facial acne, as it cleanses without leaving the skin feeling dry. This soap for pimples and oily skin flushes out impurities from the face and rinses the clean face without leaving pore-clogging residue.


  • This facial wash is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It removes dirt and moisturizes your skin with essential oils.
  • It prevents future breakouts and cleanses the skin.


  • If you are sensitive to fragrance, then stay away from this product.

We rate this product a 4.5 rating as it has a gentle cleansing solution with a fragrance that is good for all skin types.

#3 Richfeel Calendula Anti Acne Soap

Richfeel Calendula Anti-acne soap is the best mild soap for pimples. It uses calendula and witch Hazel extracts, which eliminate acne and helps remove dead cells. Moreover, due to its antifungal properties, it is one of the best soaps for pimples and dark skin.

This pimple face soap treats skin concerns like acne, and blemished skin. It gently cleanses the skin and offers smooth skin without making skin dry. This is the best soap to remove dark spots on the face due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory formula present in it.


  • This mild soap for pimples is 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free with natural calendula extracts.
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the skin while maintaining adequate dryness.
  • It fights acne and leaves skin balanced and toned for a long time.


  • It is not suitable to remove pores from the face.
  • It contains sulfates.

We give this pimple face soap a 4.3 rating for its scent and soothing formula, which is best for acne-prone skin.

#4 AcneStar Soap

The AcneStar Bar Soap has a gentle formula that comes in a pack of 4, the best anti-acne soap. You will learn about its effective benefits in this acne star soap review.

It contains benzoyl peroxide in 2.5%, which prevents acne and cures pimples from the skin. This acne soap for oily skin leaves the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Besides treating existing acne, this soap for acne scars prevents scarring and the formation of new acne.


  • It is easily available and removes the excess oil, which causes an eruption of pimples.
  • It soothes skin burns and irritation.
  • It reduces mild acne and removes Inflammation.
  • This is the best acne soap for oily skin and dry skin.


  • None

We give this product a 4 rating as it is an effective soap that helps kill bacteria and minimizes acne infection.

#5 HNP Dermadew Soap

This HNP Dermadew Soap is a zero-acne soap for your face and body. It is fortified with anti-acne actives, which help to cleanse the skin and lighten the skin spots. It is the best soap for oily skin dermatologists recommend it for its subtle and pleasant effect on pimples. It has a deep cleansing mechanism that helps the skin to restore moisture and natural oils. It easily flushes out toxins and keeps the skin smooth texture.


  • It is the best soap for oily acne-prone skin and does not dry the skin out.
  • It has a mild medicated formula that helps combat skin pimples and effectively ensures the acne doesn’t form.
  • It eliminates skin impurities effectively and zaps out free radicals from the skin.


  • There is not much availability of this acne soap.

We give this product a 4.2 rating due to its effective skin benefits for acne-prone skin.

Benefits of Using Acne Cleansers

The basic benefit of using the best soap for acne or other acne products is its effectiveness in reducing the risk of acne breakout. Here are some of the benefits of acne cleansers listed below.

  • The active ingredients in anti-acne soap reduce sebum levels, penetrate clogged pores and fight acne-causing bacteria.
  • The effective benefits of acne cleansers depend on the formulation of the cleanser.
  • The acne scar soap works to help you get rid of dead skin cells and promote healthy skin.
  • It offers an even-toned complexion and texture by reducing dark spots and acne scars.
  • It provides soothing and gentle exfoliation while cleansing your skin.

Potential Side Effects of Using Acne Cleaners

  • Dryness: Overuse of acne cleansers or soap for acne can cause the skin to become overly dry. This can lead to irritation, itching, and even flaking or cracking of the skin.
  • Skin Irritation: Some acne cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation. If your skin becomes irritated or red, stop using the product and switch to a milder cleanser.
  • Sun Sensitivity: Some acne cleansers contain ingredients that can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Be sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every day to protect your skin.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people may be sensitive to certain acne cleansers or pimple soap ingredients. If you develop any signs of an allergic reaction, such as a rash or hives, discontinue using the product and consult a doctor.

Tips for Dealing with Pimples and Acne

  • Pay attention to details while looking for the right ingredients in pimple soap.
  • Always moisturize after using soap for acne to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Don’t fall for fragrance while looking for acne care soap.
  • Be gentle with your skin and keep your hands off your face.
  • Feed your skin with healthy food and dairy products.
  • Stay out of the skin as the UV rays can increase Inflammation and redness.
  • Exercise daily and shower right after it to keep your skin fresh and relaxed.
  • Avoid popping acne and pimple lesions because it may lead to pain and scarring.

When to see your Dermatologist?

Before trying any best soaps for acne visit your dermatologist for recommendations of products according to your skin type. If a certain soap for pimples causes painful nodules, redness, or irritation. It’s best to visit your dermatologist.


In the end, these top 5 products are the best soap for pimples in this article that we have curated for you. Hope they work for you, and one can purchase these acne clear soaps online at affordable prices and discounts.

Choosing the right acne antibacterial soap for your pimples is a crucial step. But after going through this guide, you will get an idea about each product and what to look for while purchasing the best soap for acne and oily skin in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dove Soap Good for acne?

Yes, it may be good for acne due to the presence of hypoallergenic properties in it. Dove Body Love Acne Clear Body Cleanser is the best acne soap with a refreshing formula to clear acne and blemishes on the face.

Which Pears soap is best for pimples?

The Oil-Clear & Glow Soap from Pears is formulated with glycerine and lemon extracts. It is the best soap for pimples as it ensures the right balance of moisture and oil to your skin.

Which Dettol soap is best for pimples?

Dettol Sapoderm Hygienic Soap is the best anti-acne soap for pimples from the brand. As it removes the excess oil from the face and cleanses gently on the skin.

Which Himalaya soap is best for pimples?

Himalaya Ayurveda Clear skin soap from the brand nourishes the skin and helps to improve the acne scar. It is specially made from the kanakataila which is pure ayurvedic oil that helps in acne breakout and protects the skin.

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