Best sanitary pads for heavy bleeding

The 5 Benefits of Using the Best Sanitary Pads for Heavy Bleeding

Women experience a monthly cycle called menstruation or period which many find difficult to resume their daily activities due to heavy flow. They are constantly worried about their clothes getting stained.

Very few women are fortunate enough not to experience any discomfort during their cycle. But what about others who are affected by the heavy flow that affects their normalcy? That’s how the pads for heavy flow comes to your rescue.

Choosing the best sanitary pads for heavy bleeding is of utmost necessity which one should not ignore. Because these sanitary pads are a girl’s companion in their day-to-day activities. Moreover, in today’s time, there are sanitary pads brands in India, which offer different varieties of sizes for women to help and provide comfort.

So in this article, we have got you covered with the best sanitary pads for heavy flow that will allow you to be at peace with protection from leakage. 

How Pads for Heavy Periods are Different from Normal Pads?

1. Absorbency: Heavy period pads are designed to absorb more fluid than regular pads, made with more absorbent materials.

2. Length: Heavy period pads are longer and wider than regular pads, providing excellent coverage and protection.

3. Thickness: Heavy period pads are thicker than regular pads, making them more comfortable and providing better protection.

4. Comfort: Heavy period pads are designed to be more comfortable than regular pads, with features such as contoured wings for a better fit, a breathable top sheet and a soft, quilted back sheet.

5. Adhesive: Heavy period pads have a stronger adhesive to keep them in place so you can remain worry-free throughout the day.

6. Odour Control: Heavy period pads have an advanced odour-control system to help keep you feeling fresh.

Which Pad is Best for Heavy Flow – A Comparison

The best pads for heavy flow have fast absorbency and ensure long-lasting protection. Presently pads in India come in different varieties and sizes that not only let a woman walk freely but also protect her from many diseases. Women need to pick the right period pad brands to meet their needs and control menstrual bleeding.

Here we have listed pads for heavy flow and compared different types of pad brands for you. So that you can get an idea of choosing a good pad for the period.

Sanitary Pad Picture
Plush 100% Pure U.S cotton Sanitary Pads for WomenPlush sanitary pads come with wings with a 16-piece assortment curated for each day of period flow. It is rash-free, purely cotton and chlorine-free, and paraben and fragrance-free.
Whisper Maxi Nights Sanitary Pads for Women XLWhisper sanitary pads come with a DRI weave top sheet with XL size for wider coverage and offers extra protection.
Sofy Anti-bacteria Extra Long Sanitary Pads for Women-slimSofy sanitary pads offer deep absorbency and prevent leakage with their extra-long wing. It has Anti-bacteria protection with a unique fragrance that ensures freshness and offers lasting comfort.
Zuvairiya Sanitary Pads for Women XXXLZuvairiya offers all-night protection, super-absorbency, 100% rash-free, and ultra-thin and soft cotton sanitary pads.
Stayfree Secure Extra Large Cotton Soft Cover Sanitary PadsStayfree Secure Pads feature extra large length with leak lock technology. It has an odour control system that locks in wetness for up to 12 hours.

#1 Plush 100% Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads for Women

Plush is one of the best sanitary pads for heavy bleeding in India that offers rash-free comfort for women during their periods. It is ultra-soft cotton with feather-like soft wing pads for periods. It is highly absorbent which sets them apart from other brands. It is sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan with recycled paper packaging.

Plush is one of the well-known brands in India which offers pads based on each type of flow viz. from normal flow to heavy flow periods. All types of pads are crafted to cater to the needs of women. It is FSC approved with reliable-sourced period care that is free from chlorine and latex to keep your skin protected from rashes. It is the best sanitary pad for heavy flow making them an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Plush 100% Pure U.S. Cotton Sanitary Pads for Women
  • 100% PURE U.S. COTTON – Our all natural, ultra-soft cotton topsheet is dermatoligically tested to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Feather-like soft with a barely there feeling, our pads moves with your body and stays in place no matter what you are doing
  • 14 CURATED SOFT PADS WITH LINERS – This box contains 8 Light Flow Pads, 6 Heavy Flow Pads and 2 Panty Liners, crafted to cater to all your flows throughout your cycle. All naturally absorbent and safe for sensitive skin


  • It includes 100% U.S cotton and is chemical-free which eliminates the chances of skin rashes down there.
  • The pads are vegan-friendly and breathable which avoids itchiness and nasty dryness.
  • It is high in comfort and low in environmental impact.
  • It is ideal for women with sensitive skin.
  • It has an unscented fragrance and is made out of vegan material.
  • It is dermatologically tested.


  • It is not completely biodegradable.
  • It is found to be expensive by few.
  • The capacity of the large pad isn’t for the whole day. You may need to change the pad every 4-5 hours.

Our rating for the Plush brand is touted to be the best pads for periods in India. Because it offers impressive quality with curated napkins for each type of flow. So we give this product a 4.5 rating for this price and quality.

#2 Whisper Maxi Nights Sanitary Pads for Women

As the name suggests, Whisper for heavy flow allows you to sleep properly and carefree without having to worry about leakage even in overnight usage. It is the best pad for periods that are longer than ordinary sanitary pads, so they may prevent stains. It has a DRI weave cover which keeps you clean and dry throughout the night.

Whisper is the night pad for periods that are free from chlorine and paraben. It has high absorbency as it has long sanitary pads which you can wrap around the panty gusset and snap securely, hence beneficial for heavy flow days. Whisper pads’ extra-long feature prevents rashes, and itching and gives you a snug feel around the clock.

Whisper Maxi Nights Sanitary Pads for Women
  • Super fit cushion fits to the body and absorbs at the centre
  • Extra long length and wider back for extra protection against front and back leaks


  • It has a 5× more absorbency lock core which helps to lock liquid in gel form to keep you dry at night.
  • It has extra-large wings which prevent leakage.
  • It helps to reduce odour for a fresh odour to a great extent.


  • It does not accumulate for a long active night.
  • It only works for a few hours for heavy flow.

Though this product is noted as the best whisper brand for heavy flow. It is suitable for both medium and heavy flow. That’s why we rate this one a 4-star rating for its delightful fragrance that will keep you fresh all night.

#3 Sofy Anti-bacteria Extra Long Sanitary Pads for Women

This product by Sofy is one of the best brands for Sanitary Pads. If you are women who experience heavy flow during your initial days this pad with wings would be probably the one for you.

These comfort pads offer leakage protection with anti-bacteria ingredients that offer lasting comfort. The Sofy pads for heavy flow come with long-lasting absorbency which maintains hygiene and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Hence you can feel confident about the Sofy brand as heavy pads for periods. It has gel-locked technology which easily absorbs liquid into gel. So that you can do what you want to with confidence during your period. It prevents leakage and keeps you stain free which is one of the best features to look into a brand for heavy flow.

Sofy Anti Bacteria Extra Long Sanitary Pads for Women
  • Deep absorbent antibacterial sheet
  • Comfy dry cover


  • Sofy pads for heavy flow ensure lasting comfort and keep you odorless with their unique fragrance.
  • It has an anti-bacteria formula and anti-rash properties.
  • It is affordable to purchase and value for money.
  • It has a good absorbency rate which avoids staining.


  • It is not a biodegradable product.

So our rating for this product from the Sofy brand comes at such a low price. It is good at absorbing and has a good natural fragrance. So we give this one a 4-star rating for you ladies to try and you won’t regret it because it’s value for money.

#4 Zuvairiya Sanitary Pads for Women XXXL

Zuvairiya is one of the best brands that offer the best quality pads. So make yourself comfortable with its heavy bleeding pads during your flow days.

It offers all-night protection with a 100% rash-free feature that allows you to sleep peacefully. It is made out of cotton with a super absorbent design to make you feel comfortable and at the same time offers all-day protection.

It is one of the best pads for heavy periods because it comes with a flexible 3-D design absorbent core. That prevents leakage from the front, back, and sideways.

It has a top layer of mesh which ensures complete dryness throughout the day. Another reason for featuring this brand under the best sanitary pad brands in India, is they are capable of preventing rash and infection. It is suitable to absorb both odour and wetness which keeps you stress-free all day.

Zuvairiya Sanitary Pads for Women
  • Super absorb design stays close, absorbs more and helps prevent leaks
  • With these cotton sanitary pads enjoy a comfortable feel and all-day protection


  • It offers day and night protection with its XXXL feature.
  • It absorbs the heaviest flow.
  • It has wide wings with ultra-thin mesh to safely secure the pad in position.


  • It is ultra-thin which sometimes might cause leakage.

If you are looking for our rating, then this product from Zuvairiya offers efficiency, quantity, and value for money with good quality packaging. So we give this product a 4.5-star rating.

#5 Stayfree Secure Extra Large Cottony Soft Cover Sanitary Pads for Women

The last best pad for heavy periods in our list is Stayfree Brand. Who has not heard about this brand as we have known about this brand due to its effective advertising?

So Stayfree is among the best sanitary pad brands in India that offer different varieties and sizes. This one is a long pad for heavy periods with cotton material to prevent infection. It has leak lock technology to provide a good comfort level and ensure a dry feel.

It is one of the softest sanitary pads in India that comes with an odor control system to keep you fresh. Moreover thanks to its extra large length of 274mm it provides a lasting impression all day long.

After usage, you can wrap this disposable in back-release paper and throw it in the dustbin. They are made of high-quality, absorbent material, breathable, and have extra long wings for extra comfort.

Stayfree Secure Extra Large Cottony Soft Cover Sanitary Pads
  • Stayfree Secure Cottony Extra Large Sanitary Pads with Wings
  • Extra Large with length of 274 mm provides long lasting protection


  • It is one of the best quality pads for periods and is value for money.
  • It has a good mechanism and prevents leakage even for medium flow.
  • The odour system uses natural oils to prevent odour and keeps you fresh at all times.
  • These are comfortable pads that reduce the chances of rashes and irritation.


  • It doesn’t have a dry cover which causes leakage at the sides.
  • It is available only in XL size.

Our rating for Stayfree brand pads offers a superior dry feel with its features. The brand has a large fan base for different types of sanitary pads. For this product, we give it a 4-star rating for its value for money and efficiency.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Sanitary Pad for Heavy Bleeding

1. Consider the absorbency of the pad – The sanitary pads for heavy bleeding should offer high absorbency and keep you dry and comfortable. Additionally, the high absorbency of the pad means fewer chances of leakage.

2. Look for a pad that is made with natural ingredients – Natural ingredients like absorbent cotton and bamboo are breathable and gentle on your skin, making them ideal options for women having sensitive skin.

3. Check the adhesive strength – A good quality sanitary pad will stay in place throughout the day. Make sure to check for strong adhesive backing to ensure maximum comfort and security especially if you have a rough-tough day.

4. Think about size – Sanitary pads come in different sizes. Heavy flow size pad is different is regular flow pad. So be sure to choose one that fits comfortably in your underwear without being too bulky.

Benefits of Using Sanitary Pads for Heavy Bleeding

1. Sanitary pads for heavy bleeding provide extra protection and absorbency for women with heavier menstrual flows.

2. They are specially designed to help prevent leaks and give you dry feeling with all-around protection.

Natural Sanitary Pad

3. Sanitary pads for heavy bleeding contain additional layers of material that make them more comfortable and less irritating on the skin.

4. Sanitary pads for heavy bleeding are often made with natural materials, such as organic cotton, which makes them better for the environment than plastic-based products.

5. They can also be more economical in the long run as they do not need to be changed as often as lighter pads might need to be changed during a period cycle.


Menstrual cycles may vary from one woman to another woman. So it’s important to be prepared for the days when you are likely to have a heavy flow. So these are the top 5 best sanitary pads for heavy flow listed by us in this article.

Choosing the pad for heavy periods is one of the best decisions to keep you stress-free and comfortable at the same time during your cycle. So while choosing the pad for heavy flow check for its quality, efficiency, price, and top features to select the best one for your needs.

If you have any doubts related to the sanitary napkin, let us know in the comments section. We will be glad to help with your query. Hope you have liked this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should you change your pad a day?

The answer to this question depends upon your type of heavy flow. It is generally advised to change your sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours to keep you dry and rash-free.

How to sleep during the period to avoid leakage?

If your sanitary pads have good composition and absorbency rate. Then you don’t have to worry because these long pads keep you comfortable without having to worry about leakage and stain.

What is the difference between a panty liner and a pad?

Pads help to keep you stain-free and fresh during menstrual days. Whereas panty liners are used for vaginal discharge, spotting, and light leakage. Panty liners are good for protection at the end of the menstrual cycle.

What are the alternatives for Sanitary Pads?

Some of the best alternatives for sanitary pads which are environmentally friendly are menstrual cups, washable/reusable cloth pads, panty liners or thinner pads, menstrual sponges, menstrual discs, and period panties to name a few.

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