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What Makes the Best Intimate Wash for Women? – Our 7 Honest Picks

What is Intimate Wash for Women, exactly?

Just like how we are concerned about following a regime for the skin. It’s also crucial for women to look after their feminine hygiene. Not just to stay clean and feel fresh but also to prevent infections, bad odour, irritation, itching, and other health hazards.

By using an intimate wash for women, you can maintain your intimate hygiene and restore your skin’s natural pH level.

Moreover, doctors have recommended not using regular soap for feminine hygiene, since it can disrupt the natural pH level of the intimate area. After all, it’s the sensitive part of the women’s body that is likely to catch infections at a higher rate.

So in this article, we have curated a list of the best intimate wash for women to help you find the right product. Generally, these vaginal wash products come at reasonable prices. So no matter how busy your schedule is, you should not compromise your health.

Why Wash Down There Anyway?

Benefits of Intimate Hygiene Wash:

  1. pH Balance: Intimate hygiene wash ensures the natural pH level of the vagina is balanced, maintaining an acidic environment between 3.5 – 4.5. This pH range supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, crucial for vaginal health.
  2. Infection Prevention: The gentle wash creates a protective layer, guarding against harmful vaginal infections. It retains good bacteria and sustains an environment that inhibits infection, contributing to overall vaginal well-being.
  3. No Age Barrier: Women of all ages can benefit from using intimate hygiene wash. There is no age restriction, making it a suitable feminine hygiene product for women across different life stages.
  4. Pregnancy and Periods: Particularly during pregnancy and menstrual periods, when the private area is more sensitive, using an intimate hygiene wash is preferable to shower gel or soap. This helps prevent vaginal irritation and rashes, offering a gentler alternative.


  1. Vulvar and Vaginal pH: Studies suggest that vulvar pH ranges from 3.5 to 4.7, while vaginal pH varies with age and menstrual cycle stages. Intimate hygiene wash aids in maintaining these pH levels for optimal vaginal health.
  2. Caution with Overuse: While the best vaginal wash is effective for cleaning, experts caution against excessive use. Overuse may disrupt the natural bacteria in the area, potentially increasing the risk of bacterial infections. It’s advisable to follow recommended usage guidelines.

Pro Tip: Make sure the best intimate wash for women is fragrance-free, made of natural extracts, and should have the least ingredient list in it possible to avoid the risk of infections.

Which Intimate Wash is Best? – Know with Comparison

Cipla Evexpert Intimate washGelTea tree oil, neemMaintains pH balance, prevents odors, protects from germs. Paraben and sulfate-free.
VWash Plus Expert Intimate HygieneLiquidTea tree oil, sea buckthornAntibacterial formula, paraben-free. Prevents itching and irritation.
Bella Sensitive Intimate WashLiquidDelicate emulsionAnti-irritating, soothing, regenerating. Enriched with d-panthenol for moisturizing.
The Moms Co. Natural pH Balanced Intimate Hygiene Wash for WomenGelTea Tree oil, lactic acid, calendula, panthenol, chamomile extractProtects from bacterial infection, soothes irritation. Gluten-free, natural, dermatologist-tested.
Nua Foaming Intimate WashFoamAloe VeraFragrance-free, enriched with lactic acid. Antibacterial, prevents infections.
Clean and Dry Women’s Female Hygiene Daily Intimate WashGelCoconut, mint, aloe veraAntibacterial, BPA-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free. Removes dark pigments, brightens for a fresh healthy look.
Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate WashGelCranberryLactic acid for pH balance, combats odor and discomfort.

#7 Cipla Evexpert Intimate Wash

Firstly, one of the leading experts in Intimate Care products, Cipla Evexpert brings you the best feminine wash for odor-related issues. This intimate wash is infused with natural ingredients like Tea Tree oil, aloe vera, and neem extracts. So that it stops the irritation and prevents the bad odor. It is also a lactic acid wash for a healthy pH balance which is best for daily use for women.

The tea tree oil extracts present in them provide freshness every day. Each of the formulas present in them offers healthy vaginal flora and fights off bacteria. That’s why it is the best daily hygiene wash for women.

Cipla Evexpert Intimate Wash
  • HYGIENE WASH FOR WOMEN: -It is a daily hygiene wash for women which is infused with tea tree oil, neem extract and aloe vera and is free from paraben and sulfate.
  • TIMELY PREVENTION: – Evexpert Intimate wash for women is formulated to help prevents bad odor, protects it from germs by preventing any problem before they begin.


  • It prevents unpleasant odours and is safe to use during menstruation.
  • It suits all types of skin with premium ingredients.
  • It maintains a 3.5 pH balance for a healthy intimate area.
  • It is sulphate-free and paraben free.
  • One of the affordable products with a nice scent for freshness.


  • Sometimes it can cause itching.

Overall it’s the best daily hygiene wash for women, so we rate this product a 4.5 rating. As it maintains its quality and cleanses the area as well.

#6 VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene

We all know this brand VWash for its exquisite products, thus it is one of the most effective feminine washes. It is formulated with lactic acid & enriched with sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil that contains an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as amino acids. This helps in preventing itching, dryness, and unpleasant odor in the intimate area.

VWash intimate hygiene wash is cost-effective and the best intimate wash for women in India. Moreover, it allows for the maintenance of the pH level and is completely free from chemicals. Here unlike other intimate washes, VWash is the most effective feminine wash which offers possible results.

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash
  • V WASH FOR WOMEN : This intimate wash for women is beneficial for washing daily for intimate hygiene which also leaves a fresh sensation & maintains healthy vaginal flora.
  • TIMELY PREVENTION : V Wash for Women is formulated to help prevent unpleasant odors, itching, dryness and irritations in the intimate area preventing many problems before they begin.


  • It is the best intimate wash for itching and helps in the prevention of bad odour.
  • It is 100% soap-free that can be used daily during periods, pregnancy, and post-working out.
  • VWash intimate hygiene wash is completely budget-friendly for women.


  • Few of the customers reviewed this product as not worth the money.

VWash offers freshness, ease to use, and value for money that’s why we rate this product a 4.5 rating.

#5 Bella Sensitive Intimate Wash

This intimate wash for sensitive skin from the Bella brand is the best feminine wash recommended by doctors. It features a good VWash alternative with a gentle-foaming refreshing formula. It contains Allantoin D-panthenol glycerin and lactic acid formulas that offer moisturizing and softening properties.

It is the best hygiene wash for females with mild and friendly ingredients. It is not a pocket burner and is safe to use which is free from paraben and SLS/SLES free.

This liquid wash for intimate areas doesn’t dry out the skin and is not exposed to bacterial growth.


  • This hygiene wash for females offers natural bacterial and proper skin conditions which last longer.
  • It suits sensitive skin and is recommended by doctors.
  • It is extremely gentle and effective to use.
  • It soothes irritation and helps in skin regeneration.


  • It may cause non-effective results for a few women.
  • It has a strong fragrance which some users may not like it.

Overall Bella’s intimate hygiene wash for females does an average job for a few women. So we rate this one a 4 rating that claims to deep cleanse the intimate area.

#4 The Moms Co. Natural pH Balanced Intimate Hygiene Wash for Women

An extremely gentle and soothing gel from The Moms Co maintains the vaginal pH balance. It is a natural intimate wash for women which allows to soothe irritated skin and reduces bad odour by preventing infections.

This wash for intimate areas is certified and tested by an Australian dermatologist. It features antibacterial and natural ingredients which improve the skin barrier.

It is the one of best intimate wash for itching-related issues which is free from chemicals. Moreover, it also contains tea tree oil which checks bacterial growth and prevents moisture loss. Hence making it one of the awesome choices for personal hygiene. 


  • It contains lactic acid, chamomile, panthenol, and calendula extract which moisturizes and preserves the skin barrier.
  • It prevents odor and fights off bad bacteria.
  • It soothes skin irritation and supports the skin barrier.


  • No side-effects as such

We rate this amazing product with a 4.5 rating for its efficient packaging and good results.

#3 Nua Foaming Intimate Wash

Next on our list is Nua Foaming Intimate Wash which is one of the best feminine washes for odour. This intimate wash for women is enriched with Aloe vera and lactic acid. That provides antibacterial properties to prevent odour and infections. It maintains the ideal level of pH balance and stops irritation.

Nua foaming intimate wash is specially formulated to preserve good bacteria. While eliminating the bad infecting ones. It keeps your private part away from infections, itching, and inflammation, and is odour-free every day. So switch to Nua intimate wash for women as it is very gentle and locks in moistureto keep vaginal dryness at bay.


  • It has easy foaming pump action.
  • It prevents various infections and helps with odor control.
  • It gently cleanses your intimate areas and keeps them fresh throughout the day.


  • It is an expensive product.

We rate this intimate area cleaning product a 4.5 rating for its excellent cleaning formula.

#2 Clean and Dry Women’s Female Hygiene Daily Intimate Wash

Clean and Dry women’s hygiene intimate wash is one of the best feminine wash for everyday use. It is packed with the goodness of coconut, mint, and Aloe vera scents. It effectively reduces unnecessary dark pigments, bad odor, irritation, itching, rashes, etc. It has nourishing properties that help in protecting your skin down there and thereby keeping infections at bay.

Clean and dry intimate wash is a well-known intimate wash brand in India. That is safe for sensitive skin as well as dry skin. It is specially formulated with exotic ingredients which help to keep you refreshed and maintain healthy vaginal health. It has provitamin B5 and skin-softening properties which are also rich in lactic acid. Thus it maintains the natural bacteria flora down there.


  • This intimate hygiene wash is rich in exotic ingredients which maintain a healthy pH balance.
  • It has rejuvenating properties which give relieve skin irritation and maintain freshness.
  • It offers moisturized balance and keeps the skin hydrated.


  • It has a foamy texture which someone may not like it.

We rate this intimate area cleaning product a 4.5 rating for its soothing properties and efficacy.

#1 Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash

This cranberry scent vaginal wash product from Oriflame is one of the most gentle feminine washes. It is dermatologically tested which gives a super clean feeling. This feminine intimate wash use can be done daily due to its lactic acid extract. This is the key natural antimicrobial ingredient in this intimate wash.

It lightens skin tone and reduces skin irritation and unwanted odour. Oriflame is easy to use and protects the private area from infection-causing bacteria.

Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash
  • Special intimate protection PH balanced Germs control Infection prevention


  • It is easy to use and protects your intimate area.
  • It combats odor and discomfort.
  • It is suitable for daily use.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t prove to be good for your intimate hygiene.

We rate this intimate hygiene wash a 3.5 rating.

Benefits of Using Best Intimate Wash for Women

There are numerous benefits of using the best vaginal wash for women. This hygiene wash for females is specially formulated to cleanse the intimate area. Moreover, it also prevents odour, irritation, and rashes. Here are some of the benefits listed below.

  • It encourages you to have deep cleansing so that your intimate area is free from infection and welcoming.
  • It soothes rashes, skin burns, and sores.
  • It also promotes the good growth of healthy bacteria, Lactobacillus which is good for the vagina.
  • It helps to keep the area fresh and dry all day while allowing you to continue your daily activities.
  • It decreases vaginal discharge and other health threats.
  • The intimate wash for women is combined with natural ingredients. This helps in avoiding adverse effects and offers gentle treatment and proper cleanse care.
  • It maintains the pH level and keeps the oil balance in check. Moreover, it prevents the sensitive areas of the intimate area from drying and doesn’t cause diseases.
  • The best news about intimate area wash products is they are made for all types of skin.

Potential Side Effects of Intimate Wash

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Just like how intimate hygiene wash has reaped benefits. It also has a higher risk of bacterial infections.

  • Studies have found that the intimate wash for women has a twofold higher risk of having UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Moreover, even the best vaginal washes may prevent the growth of good bacteria which is required to fight off infection.
  • When it comes to cleaning your intimate area, the studies from the office on women’s health state that it’s best to let your vaginal area clean itself. Although many women might be concerned about vaginal odour so they claim to buy these intimate hygiene products to eliminate it.

So it’s not necessary to use this product because an intimate area produces its musky scent which cleanses itself.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Good Intimate Hygiene for Women

Here are some additional tips for maintaining good intimate hygiene for women:

1. Practice proper wiping technique: Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet to prevent bacteria from the anal area spreading to the vagina.

2. Avoid douching: Douching disrupts the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina and can lead to infections. It is best to let the vagina clean itself naturally.

3. Wear breathable underwear: Choose underwear made of breathable fabrics like cotton to allow air circulation and reduce moisture buildup, which can promote bacterial growth.

4. Avoid tight-fitting clothing: Wearing tight-fitting pants or synthetic fabrics can create a warm and moist environment, increasing the risk of infections. Opt for loose-fitting, breathable clothing whenever possible.

5. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from the body, including the genital area, promoting overall vaginal health.

Remember, every woman’s body is unique, so it’s essential to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or experience unusual symptoms.

When to see your Gynaecologist?

  1. Seek Professional Advice:
    • When experiencing irritation, itching, or rashes in your intimate area, and dryness, schedule a consultation with your gynecologist.
    • Learn more about your skin and identify the root cause of dryness through professional guidance.
  2. Follow Gynecologist’s Recommendations:
    • If your gynecologist suggests the use of an intimate hygiene wash, adhere to their prescribed methods.
    • Theoretically, opt for the best wash meeting criteria such as being vulva-friendly, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.
  3. The Right Application Matters:
    • Avoid over-application, as it may lead to extra dryness.
    • Ensure not to under-apply, as insufficient use may not yield effective results.

Trust your gynecologist’s expertise for personalized intimate care tailored to your specific needs.


After a lot of research, we have concluded with these top 7 best washes for intimate areas. Hope you go through this guide for the intimate wash for women. If you have any doubts regarding this topic let us know in the comments section below.

Remember female hygiene is important to keep you healthy overall. So make sure to use and try the best product according to your skin type.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does intimate wash lighten skin?

Yes, it does lighten the skin keeping your intimate area fresh and odour free.

Should Dettol be used for intimate hygiene?

No, You should not use Dettol for intimate hygiene.

Can I use VWash daily?

Yes, you can use VWash daily to keep your intimate area fresh and odour free.

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