Staying healthy and keeping your weight in check is a good habit that everybody should have. That is why we have come up with some of the best weighing machines in India. If you are trying to keep your weight under control then it gets essential for you to keep checking your weight.

Even if you are perfectly fit, it does not mean that you should not check your weight regularly. Checking weight regularly is a habit that everyone should have. It is like going for a regular check-up, you should know if something is wrong with your body. A sudden increase in weight or if you are losing weight drastically then it is not a good sign.

Everyone should have weighing scales in their homes for being aware. They can not only help you be aware but they can also help you access your progress anytime you want. Trying to lose weight is not really an easy task and you might face many hurdles. That is why you need an excellent weighing machine in your home.

But if you work hard enough with dedication and devotion, I am sure you will succeed. It feels so nice when you are trying to lose weight and the next month you see how much you have lost.

With the help of a weighing machine, you can keep a proper track of your weight on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. It depends on your preference how you like to keep track. Getting a weighing machine is not only beneficial for you but it can be beneficial for your whole family. You can keep track of the weight of your toddler.

10 Best Weighing Machines in India

Best Weighing Machine

Maximum Weighing Capacity

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Omron HN-286

180 kg

Hoffen LCD Personal Weighing Scale

180 kg

HealthSense PS 126

180 kg

MCP Deluxe

130 kg

Hesley Bluetooth Weighing Machine

180 kg

Equinox EQ-EB-9300

180 kg

Venus EPS-2001

180 kg

Omron HN 289

180 kg

 Liomes Digital Weighing Machine

180 kg

Nova BGS

180 kg

1. Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine

Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine

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Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine is one of the most stylish and sleek weighing machines which gives you accurate reading and precision. That fact that makes it unique is its four sensor accuracy technology. Due to this unique technology this weighing machine gives you accurate readings. It comes in grey colour with tempered glass which makes it strong and sturdy. The automatic turning on and off features makes it special. These weighing scales work on batteries and it turns off automatically after 16 seconds which makes it special.

Things we like about it:

  • 4 sensor technology for precise readings
  • Accurate display of the weight
  • Turns on/off automatically

There was nothing that we did not like about this weighing machine.

2. Hoffen LCD Personal Weighing Scale

Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Weighing Scale

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Hoffen is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to electronic machines and especially weighing machines. This one also comes with an automatic on and off the system. With various indicators, you can easily know if something is wrong with the machine. For example, if the battery is low it indicates the user about. Similarly, if you are putting too much weight on it, it indicates that too. This machine features sensors to give you a precise reading of your weight. The minimum you can put on it is 2.5 kgs and the maximum is 180 kgs. It is one of the best weighing machines we came across.

Things we like about it:

  • Quite efficient in displaying the accurate weight of the user
  • It automatically turns on and off
  • Various indicators make the user aware of any damages to the machine

When it comes to the efficiency of the product, it is quite efficient but the appearance and the design could have been more stylish and appealing.

3. HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Digital Weighing Machine

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Digital Weighing Machine

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HealthSense is a registered Indian Brand that aims at bringing innovation to every household. So, if you are a supporter of Made In India then this one is your best choice. Not only because it is made in India but it is quite efficient and effective. With its lightweight ABS body, it is sleek and stylish which looks really classy. It works with the help of sensors which help you in getting precise readings.

Things we like about it:

  • It is really light and not fragile
  • It uses G sensor technology for giving accurate readings
  • Features a step on technology
  • Comes in dark grey with a display with which displays readings in white light. It looks really cool
  • The weight range of this weighing machine is 5-180 kgs.

It is an efficient weighing machine and we liked everything about it.

4. MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale 

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale

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If you like analogue weighing machines more than digital machines then this is the best option you have. Perfect for gyms and fitness centres this weighing machine comes with a lot of advanced features. Some of those features are easy readings, USB port charging etc. It is made of reliable material which makes it strong and sturdy.

Things we like about it:

  • It is quite easy to read the weight
  • shows weight in kilograms and pounds
  • Can weigh up to 130 kgs

The looks are kind of old and could have been more stylish

5. Hesley Bluetooth Weighing Machine

Hesley Bluetooth Weighing Machine

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Helsey is another brand quite famous for its electronic products especially weighing machines. This weighing machine is unique due to its special feature of Bluetooth connectivity. It is a high accuracy weighing machine which lets you keep track of 8 different peoples weight record. You just need to install the smart app which will give you a lot of smart features.

Things we like about this:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Record keeping on your phone
  • Simple smart app for smartphone called ‘Helsey’
  • convenient data tracking

6. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-EB-9300

Equinox Personal best Weighing machines

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It is one of the best weighing machines we could find out there. It is a lightweight weighing machine which shows accurate reading and indications. This machine comes with an automatic on and off system which saves battery and eventually energy. This weighing machine is an energy convenient option that is perfect to be used daily. It has stunning looks. The black colour with floral pattern makes it really classy and elegant to put in a room. It comes with overload, low battery indicators to make it easy for the user to analyze the machine

Things we like about it:

  • It is quite durable and sturdy
  • The readings are accurate and precise
  • Can handle up to 180 kgs of weight
  • It is worth spending your money on it

7. Venus EPS-2001 Digital Fitness Weighing Machine 

Venus EPS-2001 Digital Fitness best Weighing Machines

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It is not only a lightweight and accurate weighing machine but it is also a really sleek and stylish machine. It comes with a really classy appearance and can measure weight from 5-180 kgs.  This weighing machine comes with a tempered glass attached to it. It makes it strong, sturdy and durable. It is a lightweight machine which can be carried easily.

Things we like about it:

  • It is a super-light machine
  • Features G sensors for accurate measurement
  • LCD display
  • Sleek and stylish looks

8. Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine

Omron HN 289 Digital Best Weight Machines

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If you are a fitness fanatic then this blue weight machine is the best buy for you. It is sleek and stylish and gives off accurate reading. Quite affordable, this machine runs of four sensor technology this weighing machine gives you precise readings of your weight. This weighing machine even has the automatic on and off system which saves energy.

Things we like about it:

  • Premium-quality tempered glass to make this product more sturdy and durable
  • The measurement is precise and accurate because of the four sensors in it
  • sleek and stylish appearance and design

9. Liomes Digital Weighing Machine

LIOMES Digital best Weighing Machines

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This sleek black coloured weighing machine you can get if you have a budget. It is the best buy as it gives off accurate readings due to the four sensor technology in it. It is also really affordable. This machine comes with a Battery & Temp Indicator present on the screen. The shape of this weighing machine is a square. It can handle up to 180 kgs.

Things we like about it:

  • This weighing machine is a really good buy if you have a budget in mind
  • The design of the machine is sleek and stylish
  • The black colour of the machine makes it elegant
  • Can handle up to 180 kgs of weight

10. Nova BGS Digital Personal Body Scale

Nova BGS Digital Personal best weighing machine

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This weighing machine features four sensors which help it giving off perfect reading. Also, the sensors help in making the weighing machine efficient. Apart from that, the users favourite automatic on and off system has also been included in it. The user can easily operate this machine with the help of 3 AAA batteries. It comes with an LCD display. The design of the machine is quite advanced which makes it really stylish and elegant.

Things we like about this:

  • four sensor technology for better weight accuracy
  • Automatic on and off system
  • appealing design

Why you should get a Weighing Machine

We are living in the 21st century and in this fast-paced world, we often forget about how important it is to keep your weight in check. The office work, family, children among all these shenanigans we often forget that we have to pay attention to our health and weight too.

Teenagers are getting obese when they should be fit and healthy. It is high time that we start paying attention to our health and weight. You can keep track of your weight and everybody in the family to know if they are fit or not. Being obese is not a good sign but how do you get sure if your a fat or obese.

It is determined with the help of BMI. BMI or body mass index is a way to determine if you are healthy, weak or obese. The Body mass index is calculated with the help of a simple formula.

The formula to calculate body mass index is by dividing your weight in kilograms with your height in meter square. And to know how much you weigh, you will have to get a weighing machine.

How to buy a Weighing Machine

As I have always said that before buying anything you should have a little knowledge about the subject. It is important as it helps to avoid many unpleasing situations like dilemma and confusion while buying.

It is easy when you think about buying something but it gets intimidating when you are surrounded by the best weighing machines. So, it is better that you do your homework and then start looking for the weighing machine that you need to get.

You still might get confused with the list given above because you do know what to look for. So, here are somethings that will help you get through the dilemma. Read this thoroughly to know what you want and which machine will be the best weight machine for you.


There are basically two types of weighing machines available in the market. Those two types of weighing machines are digital and analogue. It is on your preference which one you choose.

But electronic weighing machines or digital weight machines are in the rage right now. The best weighing machine should tell you your precise weight with minimum fluctuations.

This factor is generally not present in analogue weighing machines. Digital weighing machines offer you more features like wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity and analogue machines work with the typical spring setup.


The capacity of a weighing machine means how much weight can the machine bear. Make sure the weighing machine you are getting can bear more weight than what your weight is.

Usually, the maximum capacity of regular weighing machines is somewhere between 150-180 kilograms. If you want something that can bare more then you will have to look for these features.


Material refers to the material the weighing machine is made with. Do not get a weighing machine which is made of light material or a material which will not be able to bear more weight.

Usually, digital weighing machines are made of tempered glass or plastic. You can choose one according to your taste.


The size of the weighing machine should not be too big as it will take a lot of room in the room you decide to keep it in. Make certain that the weighing machine that you get is neither too big nor too small.

Measurement Units

You should get a weighing machine that shows weight in your preferred measuring unit. Mostly, the weighing machines that you get in India display weight in Kilograms.

If you prefer some other measuring unit like pounds, you will have to look for this feature in your machine


The cost of the machine also matters. If you have set a budget in your mind,  then you should not get distracted from it. One of the most important things while buying something is making sure you stick to your budget. If you have set a budget,  this means you set it according to your convenience.

You might get lured into getting something more expensive but it is never a wise idea to spend more than you are willing to. Regret is not a very pleasing feeling. so, stick to your budget and spend the amount you are willing to.


Today, having a weighing machine is a necessity which people do not realise. It is one of the most important machines you should have if you are into staying healthy and fit. Among all the weighing machines available the best weighing machine that we could find is Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine. It fulfilled all our requirements and had the best feel to it. Sleek and stylish it is our first choice and hopefully, it will be yours too. All the other weighing machines listed in this list of best weighing machines are equally good and you can totally go for them too.

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