We saw them for the first time in American TV shows and movies and now here we are looking for one get for our kitchens as well. If you are looking for good kitchen chimneys then you have come to the right place.

Today I am going to tell you about the best kitchen chimneys available in India.

Kitchens which have a chimney are cleaner and oil-free. Altough, kitchens without a chimney were comparatively a bit dirty.

If you are tired of cleaning the oil stains on the wall and on your utensils then it is a wise decision to get a good kitchen chimney.

Did you know the cleanliness rate of a kitchen with a chimney is 4/5? Whereas a with without a chimney only got 2.6/5.

This is based on a survey we did to know if having a chimney was actually effective or if it was just something we had to have because everybody foreign had it.

But the truth is it actually works and once you walk into a kitchen with a chimney you will see the difference for yourself.

So if you have decided to get a kitchen chimney then it is the right decision to make.

You will not regret this decision as I am going to tell you about the best kitchen chimneys available in India.

Although, there are some things that you need to learn about kitchen chimney.

Make sure you check out the buyer’s guide at the end of this article to have some knowledge about kitchen chimneys.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Best Kitchen Chimneys

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Elica Auto Clean Chimney


Faber Auto Clean Chimney


Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney


Elica Auto Clean Chimney


Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean Chimney


Elica Auto Clean Chimney

Elica Auto Clean Chimney

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I would recommend this chimney to you because it is the best one. Trust me, I am amazed by its performance and efficiency.

You get so many amazing features at such a price point.

Not only that but the looks are elegant and sophisticated. Elicia designed this kitchen chimney with perfection.

All the features are amazing, the physical appearance is classy.

This will not only help you in sucking in the smoke and stubborn grime but it will also help you in making the interiors of your kitchen more beautiful and elegant.

This kitchen chimney comes with a 1200m^3/hr suction power which helps in efficiently eliminating the smoke from the kitchen.

It only has 2 LED lights which help you in cooking more efficiently.

If you are trying to sneak a midnight snack, you can easily do it with the help of the LED lights.

The air moves efficiently without any interruption because of the smartly designed baffle filter.

You also do not need to worry about the electricity bills because this kitchen chimney just consumes 1800 Watts of energy.

The level of noise it produces is 58db which is really less as compared to other kitchen chimneys.

You get a one year warranty and you get five years warranty on the motor.

The only drawback to getting this product is not getting installation free with it. You will have to seek professional on your cost.

Faber Auto Clean Chimney

 Faber Auto Clean Chimney

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Another chimney by an excellent company with stylish and sleek looks to make your kitchen look designer and more interesting.

Don’t just get flattered by its looks but it is an amazing and really efficient kitchen chimney.

You get so many amazing features with this chimney that are really effective in making your cooking experience more peaceful and interesting.

It offers a high suction power of  1200 cubic meters per hour and it also comes with a really powerful motor.

This chimney also features two LED light to make cooking convenient for you.

This company uses a new technology where do not use a filter with this chimney which is the reason this kitchen chimney does not require a lot of maintenance.

The auto-clean option helps in cleaning all the grime and oil easily. You get to control the operations by two methods.

You can easily control it with the touch panel on it or you can use gestures to control the settings.

It can easily recognize your movements and very effectively interprets it.

All these features make it one of the best kitchen chimneys for Indian Kitchens.

Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

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Another Kitchen Chimney with amazing looks and stunning features. Eurodomo is a European brand famous for making amazing kitchen appliances for 15 years now.

It is one of the most trustable brands that you will find in the Indian market.

It comes with amazing glass finish in black colour which makes it so elegant looking.

You get an auto-clean option with it which helps in effectively cleaning all the dirt in the chimney.

You will just have to press a button to start the auto-cleaning function and it will do its job.

The baffle filter effectively removes all the oil, grime and smoke from the air.

Baffle filter is known to be one of the best filters because of its efficiency.

It has an amazing power capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

The 2 LED lights in it make it really convenient for you to cook.

It only produces 58Db of noise when it is at its highest suction capacity.

Eurodomo gives you free installation which is not really a service found in other chimney companies.

The only drawback is that a proper user manual is provided with it.

Elica Auto Clean Chimney

Elica Auto Clean best kitchen Chimneys

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Yet another effective and efficient kitchen chimney Elica.

This kitchen chimney is built with high quality and modern baffle filter which is really great to have in an Indian kitchen.

The baffle filter easily accumulates all the oil and grime and does not affect the suction power of the chimney.

It is quite easy to maintain as you do not need to clean the filter every now and then but you need to clean it once a month maximum.

And with the thermal auto-clean feature you do not even need to put in any efforts.

You just need to press the auto-clean button and your work will be done.

You also get built-in LED lights to make cooking more convenient for you with more illumination.

Also if you are under a budget constraint, it is a budget-friendly chimney that you can easily get.

Overall, it is a value for money product that you need to have in your kitchen.

Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean Chimney

Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean best kitchen Chimneys

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It has been 60 years since Hindware has been in the Indian market because of its high-quality products, efficient technology and really efficient models.

Nevio 90 is one of those unique kitchen chimneys which gives you cutting edge technology and stylish design.

It gives you a clean finish of stainless steel which enhances the beauty of your kitchen by making it more elegant and interesting.

With the suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour, you get a really powerful motor and great suction power from this chimney.

It includes one of the best filters in the chimney, baffle filter.

It helps in easily remove all the oil and dirt from the smoke and eliminates the residue.

Also do not need to clean it manually as it includes the auto-clean function.

You can easily control all the settings with one-touch control.

It comes with an oil collector box which helps in efficiently collecting oil particles. 2 LED lams are an add-on hat you get with this kitchen chimney.

How to buy the perfect kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimneys today have become crucial to have, especially for those who like to keep everything clean and tidy.

This kitchen appliance absorbs all the smoke and oil that is emitted while cooking Indian meals.

All Indian food is full of oil and spices which can make your kitchen dirty. But if you are thinking of buying a kitchen chimney you will not have to face this.

Here are some things that you need to know about kitchen chimneys.

Types of kitchen chimneys

There are types of kitchen chimneys available in the Indian market.

First one is ductless and another one comes with a duct.

They both have their own pros and cons. To give you a better understanding, I have given brief explanations about both of them.

Ducting Chimney

As the name explains these chimneys come with a duct attached to them.

They work by sucking in all the dirt, oil and grime from the air and making it go through the duct.

The dirty air released outside with the help of a pipe or a PVC outlet.

They are quite efficient to use and are generally used in commercial kitchens.

It can easily suck in dirt, oil and grime in high amounts. The only drawback is that they produce a bit of noise and need proper installation.

Ductless Chimney

You might wonder if there is no duct then where does the smoke go.

The answer to this is in how it works. A ductless chimney works with the help of a motor and a fan.

Just like air purifiers, these kinds of chimneys works by recirculating the air.

The air with smoke, oil is sucked in and is filtered with the help of various filters in it and is re-circulated in the kitchen with the help of the fan in it.

This kind of chimney is quite versatile in nature and can be easily installed.

They also have an automatic on/off feature. Some of the drawbacks to ductless chimneys are that they produce a lot of noise because of the fans in it.

If you get a ductless chimney then you will have to change the filters frequently.


If we talk about the most important part of the kitchen chimney then it got to be the filters present in it.

They help in trapping all the oil and grime and make your kitchen look clean.

There are various kinds of filters that are used in kitchen chimneys. Here is a brief explanation of all of them.

Mesh or cassette filter

If you are going to get a chimney with this filter then you will have to clean it frequently.

They also require high maintenance. They are made with thin layers of aluminium sheets which creates really tiny pores.

The oil and grime get stuck in these pores. Due to this, you need to clean the filter frequently and it can be tiresome.

Baffle Filter

It is one of the best kinds of filters you will get in your kitchen chimney.

It is a baffle control panel, it comes with various curved structures.

The airflow control panel is made of steel or aluminium plates that help in changing the course of the air.

These kinds of filters are specially made for Indian kitchens with all the oil and spices.

This filter uses the cut and slash mechanism which helps in separating the oil and grime from the smoke and it gets accumulated on the plates.

Even though it gets accumulated there, it does not affect the suction power of the chimney. You need to clean it once in a few months.

Charcoal Filter

Mostly used in expensive or ductless chimneys, are not usually used solo and come in combination with either mesh or baffle filters.

These filters come with a carbon granule which helps in absorbing smoke and various components in it.

Charcoal filters are also called carbon filters because charcoal is the solid form of carbon.


Kitchen chimneys are necessary if you want to keep your chimneys free of any grime and oil.

The smoke with oil and grime can easily blacken your walls or tiles.

And I guess you know how difficult it is to clean those surfaces when they get blackened.

To help you with it the chimneys were invented.

If you were looking for some of the best kitchen chimneys available in India, then you landed at the right place.

Those were some of the best kitchen chimneys that we found online.

Elica Auto Clean Chimney was the best one that we could find.

It is really efficient and effective and the performance is amazing. I would genuinely recommend this chimney to you.

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