Gas stoves are the backbone of any kitchen. That is why I am here with the list of the best gas stoves in India.

Gas stores have come a long way and now we are at glass top gas stoves with auto-ignition.

Gas stoves are the most important appliances in a kitchen. Without a gas stove, you can not cook properly.

That is why gas stoves are so important. Now, if you are looking to buy a new gas stove there are many options available in the market.

The need tore are enough options available in the market to get you confused.

I always say that you should read up a little about the product you need to buy.

Anyway, before buying a gas stove make sure you how many burners you need. What size gas stove you need.

What kind of top you need. Clearing out these things before looking for the product will help you in narrowing down the products.

Being confused while buying something is quite common but you are as indecisive as me then I know how troubling it can get.

It is like fighting a war with yourself and still not getting to a conclusion.

So, before you go to buy a gas stove make sure you have all the things sorted and you know what you need and what you do not.

If you want to read more then you can read the buying guide given below the list of best gas stoves in India 2020

List of top gas stoves

Best Gas Stoves

Number Of Burners


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Elica 3 Burners Gas Stove


2 years

Pigeon 4 Burners Gas stove


2 years

Eveready 2 Burner Gas Stove


2 years

Glen 2 Burner Gas Stove


1 year

Sunflame 2 burners Gas Stove


2 years

Best Gas stoves in India

Elica 3 Burners Gas Stove

 Elica 3 Burners Gas Stove

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Elica is an Italian brand in India. This MNC established in India in 1970 and since then it has been famous for producing the best gas stoves in India.

We have put this gas stove on the top because of its amazing looks, durability and everything you are getting at this price point.

This gas stove comes with 3 brass burner which is durable. You get manual ignition with this gas stove.

The flame produced by the burners are even and uniform. Middle burner is small as compared to the other two.

The middle burner is made for small burners whereas the other two burners are made for rather bigger utensils.

To enhance the performance of this gas stove Elica has introduced euro care grip supports. The specially designed burners keep the pans a pot well on the burner.

In order to give you smooth operation, the knobs of the stove are ergonomically designed. The heat retention is excellent with the brass burners.

These brass burners are resistant to corrosion and are also quite durable. The looks of this gas stove are amazing.

For a rich and elegant look, the top of the stove is made of toughened black glass.

For support and sturdiness, a steel plate is also installed beneath the toughened glass.

The only drawback to this gas stove is that it can accommodate three big utensils at the same time.

Pigeon 4 Burners Gas stove

Pigeon 4 Burners Gas stove

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Pigeon is one of the most trust brands for kitchen appliances. Gas stoves by region have been in many Indian households.

They are really famous and they are famous for the right reasons. They produce high-quality products in an affordable price range.

Talking about this product, this product is not too expensive for an average person to buy. You get four burners which is something that other brands do not offer at this price range.

The burners on this gas stove are made of brass which is considered to be the best conductor of heat and reliable.

You can easily adjust medium-sized utensils on the top it as the distance between the burners is standard and it not too small.

The flame emitted by the burner is uniformly distributed and is even. So if you turn the flame to high you will get high heat and with on the low setting, you will get less flame.

Looks of this gas stove are amazing as you get toughened glass finish body.

The anti-skid body help in making the stove stay where it is. The knobs are made of premium quality plastic.

A wobbly pot can really make it hard for you to cook properly but with pigeon gas stove you get unique pan support design to give your pots and pans a uniform base.

Eveready 2 Burner Gas Stove

Eveready 2 Burner best Gas Stoves

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Another gas stove with black finish top to make it look elegant and rich for your kitchen. These gas stoves are more durable than other gas stoves available in the market.

It features a toughened black glass finish for durability. The top of the gas stove is made of rust-resistant material to make it look new and fresh.

Knobs are designed with the Ergonomical design and black body for the convenience of the user. The spill-proof design of this gas stove makes sure that no stain stays there.

You can easily clean the top of the gas stove to make it look as good as new. It also features a stainless steel drip tray which helps in collecting all the spillage that is done and the food that overflowed to keep the top clean.

The best feature of this gas stove is that has a 360 degrees gas pipe inlet. This means you can place the cylinder where ever you like either left or right.

You get two different brass burners for a quality cooking experience. You also get a 2-year warranty with this product.

So, if you face any problem with it, you can get it fixed for free. The concern that we have with this product is the lack of ISI certificate.

Glen 2 Burner Gas Stove

Glen 2 Burner best Gas Stoves

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If we talk about Glen as a brand then it is one of the most trusted brands in India. Also if you are looking for a gas stove under a budget then this is the best value for money product that you will get.

It features high-quality brass burners. The burners emit the flame evenly which helps in even cooking of the food.

The knobs come with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation options. You can easily change the settings from low to medium and then high.

The pan supports are thick and made of premium materials to support the various pans and pots.

You get a 1-year warranty with this. It features a brushed matte finish for an elegant and classy looking gas stove.

It is quite affordable and is quite efficient too. This gas stove is worth every penny it costs. It has ISI certification too for safety purposes.

But if you were looking for a gas stove with auto ignition then it does not have it. Overall, it is a great product.

Sunflame 2 burners Gas Stove

Sunflame 2 high end brass burners best Gas Stoves

   Buy at

Sunflame is another brand famous for producing the best gas stoves. It has been in the Indian market for 30 years and has been making the best and most reliable gas stoves.

If you are looking for the best gas stove under a budget then it is the best option you have.

You get two high-quality brass burner which is quite sturdy so you not only enjoy cooking but it also ends up your work faster.

The pan supports are made of premium-quality materials to support all kinds of pots and pans.

It is one of the most durable gas stoves available in the market. The glass top is 6mm thick to handle all the wear and tear.

Moreover, the euro coating helps in preventing any paint chipping. The knobs are quite easy to use and operate.

Not very complicated mechanics used for the convenience of the user.  The top is spill-proof, stain and scratch proof too.

On top of this, you also get a 2-year warranty on this gas stove.

If you are looking for a gas stove and you have a large family then this might not be suitable for you.

Factors to consider before buying a gas stove

Gas stoves are one of the most important appliances found in the kitchen.

Gas stoves and Indian kitchens go a long way. Various dishes are perfect when they are cooked on a gas stove.

Every homemaker wants the best gas stove to be there in their kitchens and why not?

That is why I listed some of the top gas stoves in India. There are different aspects to a gas stove.

For example, the burner, cooktop, knobs, type od ignition etc.

These things matter and you should know what you need in your gas stove before going to buy one.

To help you out with this I have made a list of the factors you need to keep in mind before buying a gas stove.


Things to consider while buying a gas stove

Number of burners

There are various models of gas stoves available in the market with a different number of burners. The number of burners you would need depends on the size of your family.

The larger the number of people the more cooktops you would need to make more food at the same time.

So, choose the number of burners that you need according to the size of your family.

To help you out with sorting out how many cooktops you would need I have prepared a list.

  • 4 Burner Gas Stove- for a family with more than 5 members
  • 3 Burner Gas Stove- for an average-sized family of 4-5 members
  • 2 Burner Gas Stove- for bachelors or small families with 2-3 members
  • 1 Burner Gas Stove- They can be useful for individual users

When it comes to buying a gas stove it should be a decision purely based on the size of your family.

It is not a decision to be taken on the basis of which one is better because no type is better than the other.

Automatic Ignition or Manual Ignition

There are two types of ignition that you get with gas stoves. Those two types of ignitions are automatic ignition and manual ignition.

In the manual ignition type, you have to manually switch on the gas with the help of a lighter or match stick.

The automatic ignition kind does not need any kind ignition from your side.

You just need to turn the knob in order to switch on the gas. automatic ignition kind works with the help of a battery inside them.

If we look at the safety aspect then I think automatic ignition gas stoves are safer and more convenient than manual ignition gas stove.

However, manual ignition gas stoves are cheaper than automatic ignition.

Also, if you face any issue with the gas stove you will have to more money on the automatic ignition gas stove.


The material used for making the burner of the gas stove is also important. It is important as a gas stove is not something that you will use today and the nest day it will get useless. You want it to stay durable and be reliable. You want the burner of your gas stove to be corrosion-free, dirt-free etc. All these factors depend on the material used to make the burner. In the market, you will find two kinds of burners, one is brass and the other one aluminium.

Brass burner:

Brass is an alloy metal which means it is made from a mixture of different metals.

It has a rich gold colour and is quite durable. Brass is one the best heat conductors which makes it perfect to be the material of your burner. The best part about is that they are resistant to corrosion.

Although, they are not very cheap and if you need bass burner then you will have to throw in some extra money.

Aluminium burner:

Aluminium is another great conductor of heat and is good for a burner.

However, they are less durable as they are not resistant to corrosion. But they are cheaper than brass burners.

In my opinion, brass burners are better as they are durable, reliable, weather-resistant, distribute heat uniformly. You should only choose an aluminium burner if you can not afford the brass burners.

Design and finish

You get either glass top or stainless steel finish. The stainless steel finish is affordable and more durable but the glass top looks more stylish and elegant.

If you prefer something stylish then you can definitely go for the glass top.

But if you want something more durable then you should go for a stainless steel finish.

If your kitchen is modular then a gas stove with glass stove will be suitable.

If you want a gas stove with glass top make sure the glass is toughened glass as it is more durable.


Gas stoves are the main attraction of your kitchen. If you are looking to buy a new gas stove then it is important that you choose it carefully as it the backbone of your kitchen.

There are literally thousands of options available int he market to choose from.

To ease up the struggle we sorted out some of the best gas stoves in India. The best gas stove we found was Elica 3 Burners Gas Stove. You can read about its stylish looks and amazing feature in the review above.

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