Ceiling fans have been a part of our lives for decades if you are looking for replacements then here is a list of 10 best ceiling fans.

Every room in an Indian household surely has a ceiling fan which means every room that is there in an Indian household there is a fan.

Did you know on an average an Indian household has 3 fans? Now imagine what the population of India is. That makes up for colossal statistics.

Do you know what this means? you can easily assume that there are more than 100 crore ceiling fans running as I write this article about best ceiling fans and their reviews.

But before you decide to get a there are somethings that you need to know to avoid the state of dilemma.

Make sure you read our guide on buying ceiling fans before buying one. Here are some of the best ceiling fans that we found in India.

5 Best Ceiling Fans in India

Best Ceiling Fans

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Gorilla  ceiling fan


Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan


Orient Aeroslim Ceiling Fan 


Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan


Superfan X1 Ceiling Fan 


1. Gorilla Energy Saving ceiling fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

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It is a remote-controlled ceiling fan which is one of the best fans we could find. It is not only good when it comes to the air circulation but it also uses a BLDC motor which makes this fan energy efficient too.

This fan offers you various modes and options which makes it even better. I don’t think it would be wrong to call this fan the best new-generation ceiling fan.

This ceiling fan features a brushless motor which only consumes 28 watts of electricity making it really energy efficient. The air delivery of this fan is 220 cubic metres per minute which is great.

The best part is that this fan is capable of running 3 times longer than usual because of extended battery life. This efficient kind of motor ensures no heat loss. It is one of the est fans which produces minimum to no noise.

The only drawback is that it is not suitable for quite large rooms. So, if you want a fan for a medium-sized or a small room then this is the best buy for you.

It can be a little expensive for some people but it worth buying this because of its performance and efficiency.

2. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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If the qualities that you are looking for in a fan are durability and reliability then this ceiling fan is perfect for you. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is one of the most reliable and durable fans that we found.

It comes in different colours so you can easily make them look blended with the décor of your home.

The colours that this fan is available in are dark which makes them perfect as when the dirt gets accumulated on them it will not be that noticeable.

It features an efficient copper motor which is considered to be responsible for such an amazing delivery of air ventilation and air thrust.

This fan gives you a cool aesthetic and is quite pleasing to look at. As you must know about Orient as a brand, Orient is one of the most trusted brands in Indian markets when it comes to fans of any sort.

Due to its reliable brand name, this product has gained a lot of support and fame.

This is the best ceiling fan if you are looking for fan which is not controlled with the help of a remote.

Some of the drawbacks to this fas are that the warranty period is not that long. This fan is a bit noisy, it makes weird noises after a while.

3. Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan 

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart best Ceiling Fans

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Looking for sleek, stylish, durable and remote-controlled fan? It would not be wrong to say that this excellent fan is the next generation of ceiling fans because of the amazing features that it offers.

It is a smart-fan as it comes with a list of internet features which makes your room a smart-room. The best feature of this fan is its entry-efficient nature. It can save up to 40% of electricity and can work at voltage a low as 140V.

The sleek and aerodynamic design helps in delivering optimum and highest air delivery. It features a rustproof ABS body and a hydrographic PU finish.

It offers you ceiling-adjustable telescopic mounting which makes it a great option for putting this fan in your drawing room and giving it a classy finish.

The remote control that comes with this fan is very convenient and to change any setting you will not have to move from the bed even a bit.

One of the greatest features of this fan which makes it worth spending every penny is it is compatible with amazon echo and google assistant.

The only drawback to this fan is that the installing part takes professional help.

4. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

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As I mentioned earlier how Orient is the most trusted brand in the ceiling fan, this product is proof that orient has proved itself to be the best. This product from orient is known as

The Orient Electric Aeroquiet and is the latest model from a series from Orient called Orient stable.

You might have noticed its sleek shape and design to be technical the design of this fan is aerodynamic which helps in delivering higher air circulation.

This ceiling fan has gotten all its fame because of its innovative aerodynamic and no notice machinery.

Yes, it makes no noise while working which is the best part about this ceiling fan.

The blades of this fan come with a high gloss finish which makes it look really classy.

The only drawback to this ceiling fan is that the RPM of this fan is not high and there are fans that have better RPM.

5. Superfan Super X1 Ceiling Fan with remote control

Superfan Super X1 best Ceiling Fans with remote control

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The most fun and interesting part about this fan is its unique shape of the blades of this fan.

The best part of this ceiling fan is that it comes with great remote control to control every setting of this fan. Do you know how convenient it is to have a ceiling fan which is controlled with a remote control?

You do not even have to change the settings of the fan you can just do it in seconds and it comes in very handy at night.

The design of the blades is aerodynamic in nature which ensures higher air delivery. The only drawback I think it has is the brand of this fan is unknown. It makes it less trustable.

Things to know before buying a Ceiling Fan

Buying a ceiling fan might look like an easy job but it is not.  A ceiling fan is made of many parts that you need to have some knowledge about in order to get the best one for your home.

Having a little knowledge about the things you are going to buy saves you from the state of dilemma when you are surrounded by so many options. One of the determining factors can be your budget.

If you have set a particular budget for your ceiling do not get something out or under your budget.

Sticking with a particular budget will not only limit your options but will also make you feel good about your purchase.

Anyway, apart from sticking to the budget there are many technical things too that you need to know before you buy a ceiling fan.

Room Size Vs. Fan Sweep Size

You can get a lot of sizes for ceiling fans once you get into shopping for them and if you go unprepared you can get confused. Basically, there are two sizes when it comes to ceiling fans.

Room size and sweep size. You can easily find Ceiling fans available in different sizes ranging from 35 to 55 inches.

The most common size that is usually preferred is the fan sweep size which is 48 inches. Your room plays an important part in all this. The size of the room also matters and can help you decide which size ceiling fan you should get. Here is a list of different fans sizes and room sizes, which will help you in determining which some you should get.

  • Less than 75 square feet: 35 – 36 inches
  • Between 75 and 100 square feet: 41 – 42 inches
  • Somewhere between 100 and 130 square feet: 48 inches
  • Between 130 and 150 square feet: 55 to 56 inches
  • More than 150 square feet: Better to use two ceiling fans

The sweep size of the fan is determined by the diameter of the fan when it is working. My recommendation would be to place the fan in the centre of the room to have a uniform circulation of the air. If you have big rooms make sure you place the fan strategically.

Blades of the fan

Most of the fans that you must have seen have 3 blades but there are many fans today which come with 4 four blades and sometimes even more.

3 blades not only provide uniform circulation but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes because of the symmetry.

You might think that fans with more than 3 blades must provide better circulation but if a fan has more blades the circulation is liss. Fans with more blades comparatively produce less noise.

The number of blades the fan has and the shape of the blades make a significant difference.

The shape of the blades

Do you think a fan with straight blades will be able to provide you with good air circulation? The right answer is they will not because the tilt and the drag down shape of the blades are important.

Proper tilt to the blades of the fan increases the effectiveness of the air circulation. The ideal angle for the blade to be tilted at is 12 degrees to 15 degrees.

If the angle is more than the recommended angle then it can put pressure on the motor. Do you know what that means? It means that the life span of your fan will suffer and it will also increase your electricity bill.

The motor of the fan

The motor of the fan is the most vital part of a ceiling fan. You can say that it is the heart and soul of a fan. There are basically two types of motors and they are single-phase induction motor and BLDC motors.

The fans that are made by Indian manufactures mostly features single-phase induction motor.

This kind of motor utilizes various wires and winding poles in order to supply single-phase voltage to the rotors in the fan.

These motors require another part called a permanent capacitor. These motors work fine but no as effectively as the BLDC motors.

BLDC motors are very effective as they are energy efficient and more effective than single-phase induction motor.

They work at continuous speed and these motors are not as noisy as the other one is.

BLDC motors save current and consume while working which makes them energy-efficient.

Where the fan will be placed

The location where you are going to put the fan totally depends on the size and space in your room.

If the room where you re going to put the fan is square in shape then it will be better to put it in the centre of the room.

If the room is big and you think one fan will not be enough then it is recommended to put two fans far from each other.

Another factor that is quite vital is the distance between the ceiling and the floor.

The minimum recommended distance between the fan and the floor is 8 feet.

If you have low ceiling then opt for shorter rod and if the ceiling is quite high then opt for longer rods.


I know shopping for ceiling fans can be a little intimidating although it does not look like that at all.

But if you are willing to spend money on something then it is better that you choose something which is worth spending on.

We looked for various ceiling fans over the internet to find you some of the best ceiling fans for you.

The best ceiling fan that we could get was Gorilla Energy Saving ceiling fan.

It is considered to be one of the best ceiling fans in the market. The features of this ceiling fans are great for the use of a medium-sized room.

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